Show Info 3-23-2015 – News, Guest Daniel Estulin

Show Info 3-23-2015 – News, Guest Daniel Estulin

March 23

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Daniel EstulinIn the second hour JD is joined by author, researcher and speaker Daniel Estulin for a discussion about his international best selling book, 'The True Story of The Bilderberg Group'. What do we really know about these clandestine yearly gatherings of the worlds elite, are they still relevant and who is pulling their strings? Daniel Estulin is a dangerous man to the status quo. Possessed, obsessed, tenacious and courageous, an award-winning investigative journalist, he is a man who has been in the cross- hairs of the global power brokers for almost two decades. He is our preeminent historian of the global elite, a scholar of remarkable breadth and erudition and one of the world’s most outspoken public intellectuals. Estulin doesn’t mince words and he doesn’t hold back when naming names, and when identifying the cauldrons of chaos they have created. Over the past 20 years, he has exposed these and other “Shadow Masters” among the secret global power elite as the coolly vicious orchestrators of wars, terrorism, drug trafficking and grand-scale theft. Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Crowd Funding Site: Books: The True Story of the Bilderberg Group and Shadow Masters: An International Network of Governments and Secret-Service Agencies Working Together with Drugs Dealers and Terrorists for Mutual Benefit and Profit
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First Hour News with JD

World News

US evacuates ‘special forces’ in Yemen as rebels seize third largest city ‘Can’t take any more’: Thousands protest in Dublin against proposed water charges Anti-government activists protest in Georgian capital, demand regime change Crowds Gather For Anti-Austerity March In Spain Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal Australia a puzzling hotbed of Islamic State recruiting Islamic State calls on backers to kill 100 U.S. military personnel Lavrov condemns Reuters report on MH17 crash, calls for 'unbiased, professional' investigation Anti-Semitic attackers yelling 'we will kill you' storm synagogue in London Japan opts for massive, costly sea wall to fend off tsunamis Mexican wrestling star dealt fatal blow in the ring in front of thousands of people President of Mexico Calls For End Of War On Drugs, “U.S Does Not Want To!

US News

After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document used to Justify Invasion of Iraq Leaked Document Reveals Upcoming Biometric Experiments at US Customs ATF director steps down after bullet ban controversy Cruz reportedly to announce presidential plans Monday Montana And Arizona Pass Bills that Block Federal Gun Control Following Obama’s Unconstitutional Threats of Executive Orders Texas Bill Would Restrict Filming Of Police, Segregate Independent Journalists Confederate flag license plate battle to be decided by Supreme Court Monday Top US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia 80,000 ObamaCare tax forms on hold Is NYC’s new gunshot detection system recording private conversations? Undocumented Immigrants Failing To Appear At Hearings Increasing Sonoma man arrested after Cazadero man’s body found in barrel near Sonoma City Hall TSA officer attacked by man with machete and wasp spray US authorities seize $180 million Colombian cocaine shipment

Economic News

SWITZERLAND, LUXEMBOURG APPLY FOR CHINA-LED INFRASTRUCTURE BANK Pakistan cuts key interest rate by 0.5% Ukraine Moves to Shut Down Bitcoin Next Up: China Will Be Joining The Global Currency Wars Greeks Take It To The Mattresses As Graccident Looms Clinton Foundation’s Deep Financial Ties to Ukrainian Oligarch Revealed 'Robo-advisor' growth hits Wall Street money managers David Stockman: The Fed Has Left Us With The Highest Leveraged Debt Ratio In History RICH MAN’S BANK HIT BY BANK RUN, COLLAPSE, “BAIL-IN” Gold Could Push To $1,200 Next Week If U.S. Dollar Remains Weak – Analysts Silver poised to surge

Science & Tech News

It’s Now Official: Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Winter Low Lockheed Martin’s new fusion reactor might change humanity forever Muon scans confirm complete reactor meltdown at Fukushima Reactor #1 China discloses cyberwarfare unit, no one surprised LOOK AT THIS RIDICULOUS RUSSIAN SUPERSONIC CARGO PLANE CONCEPT Coming soon: Your own personal flamethrower — unless you live in California KILOMETERS-WIDE LUNAR CAVES CAN SHELTER WHOLE HUMAN CITIES, MODEL CLAIMS Land speed record: British-built hybrid rocket car aims to be the fastest on Earth

Health News

Sierra Leone orders three-day lockdown against Ebola Hospital superbug kills more people than measles; yet there's little outcry against doctors abusing antibiotics World Health Organization Admits Roundup “Probably” Causes Cancer - See more at: Japanese Tea Tests Positive For Fukushima Radiation Why you should start power napping today 6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul Are smartphones making our children mentally ill?

Energy & Environment

New images show all melted fuel is “gone” from Fukushima reactor PICS: Rooftops in France Will Now Contain Gardens or Solar Panels Wild bee decline a sign of Europe’s ‘ecological disaster’: Study

Home, Farm & Garden

Patented Life: Sharing Gardening Seeds Illegal in 30% Of US States Troubleshooting Your Compost Pile Learn these five types of edibles to prepare for wilderness survival Seasteading Is Happening: Liberty Through Floating Cities

Housing News

Zillow: Underwater homeowners sink deeper even as home values rise California federal court holds in MERS’ favor HOPE NOW: 35,000 homeowners receive loan modifications

Weird, Funny & Good News

Iowa Lawyer Gives Employees $50 Monthly Bonus To Carry A Concealed Gun Missouri House Committee Votes 10-1 to Approve Medical Marijuana, Effectively Nullify Federal Prohibition

Featured Video

USA is playing the terrorist’s game in Middle East – scholar

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