Red Pill Reports Documents Page

Red Pill Reports Documents Page

Red Pill Reports Documents Page

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Red Pill Reports Documents Page

Agenda 21

Report from Iron Mountain – Excerpt, “LOSS OF LIFE and other resources which SHOULD BE SUFFERED and/or INFLICTED DURING any single outbreak of hostilities to achieve a desired degree of internal political authority and social allegiance; how to project, over extended periods, the nature and quality of overt warfare which must be planned and budgeted to achieve a desired degree of contextual stability for the same purpose; factors to be determined must include frequency of occurrence, length of phase, INTENSITY OF PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION, extensiveness of geographical involvement, and OPTIMUM MEAN LOSS OF LIFE; how to extrapolate accurately from the foregoing, for ecological purposes, the continuing effect of the war system, over such extended cycles, on population pressures, and to adjust the planning of casualty rates accordingly. Download full document in pdfLink

Smart Meters

Water Wars



Banking & Economy

Currency & Money

Mortgages and MERS

Documents from Greg Morse and Glenn Gregory
(Mortgage End Game and Save Our Family and Home)

Checklist to see if your Mortgage is one of the 70 Million CompromisedLink

Greg’s 2010 Prediction – 2010 Mortgage Endgame Prediction – Link

Facts pertaining to RICO Lawsuit
Glenn C. Gregory Affidavit, see Section 2C – The Home Buying Process, (pages 51 through 58) and Section 5 – Search Related Encryption (pages 195 – 217) – Link

United States Code that allows setting Aside of Bankruptcy due to Fraud including False Statements by Bankruptcy Petitioners and

Illegal Transfers of Property – Link

No Statute of Limitations in a Bankruptcy Fraud Case – Link

Platsky V. C.I.A. – Federal Appeals Court Extends Rights of Pro Se Litigants in Federal Civil Lawsuits – Link

Terrorist Funding
Shell Game (with external exhibits) by 2Lt Scott Bennett, Proceeds from RMBS Trading used to fund Terrorist Activities and Networks – Link

Lack of Action from Government Exposed
Service members Civil Relief Act (P.L. 108-189) Revised 12/9/2003 – Link

Federal Trade Commission finds Homecomings Financial, LLC Violated ECOA & FTC Laws – Link

Equal Credit Opportunity Act (EOCA) (15 USC §1691) – Link

Pres. Obama signs Executive Order 13519 creating FFETF to be led by DOJ to investigate and prosecute crimes associated with Mortgage Crisis – Link

Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (FFETF) homepage claims they will investigate and prosecute Residential Mortgage Backed /Securities, (RMBS) Fraud and other crimes – Link

Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act of 2009 (FERA), (P.L. 111-21) – “To improve enforcement of mortgage fraud, securities and commodities fraud, financial institution fraud, and other frauds related to Federal assistance and relief programs, for the recovery of funds lost to these frauds, and for other purposes.” – Link

Helping Families Save their Homes Act, Title VI- Enhanced Oversight of the /Troubled Asset Relief Program, (P.L. 111-22) – Link

Largest Bankruptcy in Recorded History
Bankruptcy Judge Approves selling of over 2.75 Million Residential Mortgages just as Largest Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Gets Underway – Link

Whistleblower Jurat Affidavit concerning MERS, several large banks and mortgage companies, RMBS Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, Income Tax Fraud and Securities Fraud – Link

Inspectors General
DOJ Inspector General claims no jurisdiction in investigating topics in Whistleblower package – Link

FTC Inspector General Claims Whistleblower Information falls outside of his jurisdiction – Link


Constitution, Bill of Rights, Law & Liberty






Energy & Environment

Clean Coal


Geoengineering, Chemtrails, Climate Engineering, & HAARP

Oil Spills



Government & Politics







False Flags



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