Show Info 1-20-2015 – News, Guest Chris Kitze

Show Info 1-20-2015 – News, Guest Chris Kitze

January 20

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Chris KitzeIn the second hour JD is joined by Chris Kitze for a discussion about the importance of maintaining privacy online, especially in the wake of the Paris attacks which are leading to new and greater efforts to crack secure communications of all types, and ways that you might secure your own communications as well. Currently the CEO of Unseen, ehf, a provider of secure and private communications. Kitze has founded and led numerous high tech companies. Starting in digital publishing with CD-ROM's in the 1980's, he has focused most of his attention on consumer facing web sites since 1995. His first internet success was the sale of Point Communications, at the time a Top 20 internet web site, to Lycos, Inc, where he was the VP of marketing through their IPO. Following Lycos, he co-founded and took it public in 1998, merging it with CNET and NBC assets to form NBC Internet in a $6 billion combined deal. He was the CEO of NBCi for just under a year. Later, he merged eVineyard and assets acquired from the foreclosure of to form the new He is also founded and is the publisher of the crowdsourced news site Before It's News, a leading alternative news web site. Full Bio: Web sites: Before It's News: Seen: Twitter:
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Iran OK With $25 Oil As Iraq Pumps Crude At Record Pace Crisis Point: Putin, The West, and the Game Being Played Shelling Hits Ukraine Hospital, Kiev Alleges Russian Troops Cross Border Russian activist: 382 Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine during last three days Saudi Arabia can last eight years on low oil prices, says former adviser British intelligence intercepted emails from The New York Times, Reuters, BBC, and others France Just Banned Pro-Palestinian Rallies UN envoy cancels trip to Palestine over Israel visa denial EU Parliament Votes ‘Yes’ on GMO Opt-Out for Member States Yemen rebels seize TV station amid clashes in capital Homestead Act for Russian Far East – Putin supports free land handout ‘Poroshenko: Olive branch in one hand and gun firing bullets in Donetsk in the other’ 13 wounded in blast outside Kharkov courthouse in Ukraine – police

US News

TN State Senate Considers Bill to Ban Cops from Using Military Equipment RED ALERT! FALSE FLAG May Be Planned For CHANNEL TUNNEL during GLOBAL TERROR MEETING Americans concerned about jobs and finances — not 'terrorism,' poll shows Giant crane to lift 4 million pounds of tunnel drill Bertha UPS Driver Arrested In Theft Of Gold, Silver Bars A Former FBI Special Agent Says The CIA Kept Him From Helping To Stop 9/11 BODY OF MISSING AIG EXECUTIVE FOUND IN GOLF COURSE POND Apple Valley couple and their child dead in apparent murder-suicide Police accountability measures working? Intense standoff with gun wielding man ends peacefully The hidden cameras in NYC’s subways Virginia’s New Anti-NDAA Detention Bill Turns the Table on Feds Man cited for ‘eating while driving’ in Cobb County

Economic News

Obama’s “Robin Hood” Plan to Collect $320 Billion in New Taxes If the Fed Has Nothing to Hide, It Has Nothing to Fear Christine Lagarde Calls For World To Embrace "New Multilateralism" Order In 2015 Jim Quinn — Inflation the Media Didn’t Report Denmark Goes NIRP-er; Slashes Rates To -20bps Amid Currency Peg Fears The Beginning of the End of the $100 TRILLION Bond Bubble 27 Facts That Show How The Middle Class Has Fared Under 6 Years Of Barack Obama Gold to average $1,321 this year: Sharps Pixley GERMANY CONTINUES TO REPATRIATE GOLD: BUNDESBANK PROPERTY BUBBLE BURST: KAISA ON BRINK OF DOLLAR DEFAULT SPOOKS MONEY MANAGERS Richest 1% to own more than half world's wealth by 2016 - Oxfam Russian Central Bank voids Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch ratings China stocks plummet after margin trade crackdown

Science & Technology

Mind control: the attempt to program life Los Angeles subway will get Wi-Fi, cellular phone service N.S.A. Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials Say Epic cosmic radio burst finally seen in real time|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news#.VL1aQ0fF-O4 When robots break the law: bot buys ecstasy pills and fake Hungarian passport online Remember Facta? Now Meet the IRS Database to Manage Everyone’s Bank Accounts The Silk Road Trial Continues After Dramatic Revelations US ‘PENETRATED NORTH KOREA COMPUTER SYSTEMS’ IN 2010 UK robot 3D-maps Fukushima radiation

Health News

You Won’t Believe Which Big-Name Groups are Opposed to Flu Vaccine Mandates 6 Bodily Tissues That Can Be Regenerated Through Nutrition Yogurt's Health Damaging Ingredients 'Designer babies' debate should start, scientists say Why You Need To Supplement Essential Fatty Acids In the fight against obesity, pizza is a prime enemy This device could let deaf people “hear” via their tongues Chuck Norris Calls Out Monsanto For Killing Food Supply

Energy & Environment

Germany more than doubled its offshore wind power capacity in 2014 BP’s fine for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will be lower than expected Barclays: Oil plunge could put some SFR deals at risk Hawaii coral “the worst scientists have ever seen” Oregon moves closer to industrialized hemp production Record Iraqi oil output adds more downward pressure on prices

Home, Farm & Garden

Dear USDA: Protect Seed Libraries Indoor Growing For Everyone, Microgreens And Sprouts The Basics of Raising Homestead Rabbits

Housing News

S&P nears $1 billion mortgage settlement Oil bust will hurt housing in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana SunTrust 4Q earnings dented by mortgage expenses

Weird, Funny & Good News

Purple, Pulsating, Diamond-Shaped UFO Videotaped Over UK Dough pours in for pizza delivery guy after 'belittling' at car business associate editor fired for Boehner death threat article

Featured Video

CNET Update - Ban encrypted messages? Why UK prime minister's plan won't work Snowden Leaks Reveal Encryption Programs That NSA Couldn't Break

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