Walmart Closures for Plumbing Repairs? Is This Coincidence?

Walmart Closures for Plumbing Repairs? Is This Coincidence?

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Walmart Closures for Plumbing Repairs? Is This Coincidence?
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Some interesting facts about the Walmart closure of 5 stores for “plumbing repairs”

Tulsa, OK

Tulsa is home to a respectable airport for a town its size. It’s not the largest airport in the nation, but its airline maintenance facility is. In fact, it’s thought to be the largest one in the world.

Owned by American Airlines, this maintenance facility services the world-wide fleet of American Airlines. German-based Luthansa Technik Component Services provides maintenance for other airlines, including its own. Spirit Aerospace and other manufacturers have facilities on the property as well, producing aircraft sub-assemblies for Boeing, Gulf Stream and others. In yet another of the many buildings on this 4,000 acre site, the IC Bus Corp assembles school buses.

The Tulsa International Airport is designated for use as both civil and military. It is home to one of the largest Air National Guard operations in the US, not to mention the USAF support it provides. Approximately 13% of daily landings/takeoffs involve ‘military’ aircraft.

Within a ‘stone’s throw of this airport lies the Tulsa Port of Catoosa, one of the largest inland river ports in the nation, connecting Tulsa with the Gulf of Mexico via the Arkansas and Mississippi Rivers.

There is an ICE detention center nearby.

Closest Walmart?

It’s at the corner of Admiral and Memorial Blvd, just a few blocks away. The store has been closed for “plumbing repairs”.

Tampa, Florida

More accurately, the suburb known as Brandon, Florida, is home to the main entrance of MacDill AFB, one of the largest AFB’s in the nation. It is no less than home to both the US Central Command (CENTCOM) and US Special Operations Command (SOCOM).

Closest Walmart?

1208 E Brandon Blvd. The store is closed for “plumbing repairs”.

Livingston, Texas

What do you know… The small town of Livingston, Texas is an interesting place. Unquestionably a “prison town”, Livingston is home to an ICE detention center known as The Polk County Secure Adult Detention Center. It’s operated for profit by a private contractor, Community Education Centers, Inc. This “education/detention” center has a capacity of approximately 1,000 inmates and is operated for the benefit of the Polk County Sheriff’s office, along with the Houston Field Office of ICE.

Next door, sits the Alan B. Polunsky Unit, operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. With over a half-million square feet, comprised of 23 buildings, this high-security prison has a capacity of nearly three thousand inmates. The prison has a reputation for extremely violent and “troublesome” men. Most notably, it now houses Texas’ death row. Across the road, the Livingston Municipal Airport boasts a modest 3,700 ft. runway, but just 30 miles to the southwest, the Lone Star Executive Airport, operated by Montgomery County provides a runway twice that length. The airport sees an average of 162 landings/takeoffs per day of both civilian and military aircraft – jets, props and helicopters. The website, a data base of information for pilots, warns of “extensive military helicopter activity” at this airport.

The Walmart store being closed in tiny Livingston, Texas is the only one in town – a “Super Center” at 1620 W Church St. It’s being closed for “plumbing repairs”.

Midland, Texas

Aside from its notoriety as a former home of the Bush family, this oil rich town is also home to another ICE detention center, serving the El Paso, Texas field office. Known as the Midland County Central Detention Center, it is operated in collaboration with the Midland County Sheriff’s Department. After a 30 minute drive to the east you’ll find the town of Big Spring. Aside from it being listed as a staging area for Jade Helm, it is also home to not one, but two federal prisons, along with a large, regional Veterans Hospital.

Aside from the numerous prisons and detention centers in and around Midland, another prominent feature is the Midland International Air and Space Port serving the Midland/Odessa Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). It was the first civilian airport in the US to be approved for the launch and support of private space missions, courtesy of Xcor Aerospace, Inc. Considering the modest population of this MSA, the size of this airport seems odd; by any standard, it’s big and can handle the landings and takeoffs of virtually any jet aircraft, military or civilian.

The closest Walmart to both the prison/detention centers of Big Spring to the east, and the ‘state of the art’ air/space port just west of Midland, is the store at 200 W Interstate 20 It’s closed for “plumbing repairs”, but of course no one believes that.

Pico Revera, California

This Los Angeles suburb has an interesting history.

Once regarded as a hub of southern California’s aerospace production, it was home to a 160 acre manufacturing facility for Northrup-Grumman, employing some 13,000 workers. The site was most noteworthy for its black box development of the B2 (Stealth Bomber) and other classified projects. Its close proximity to the Port of Long Beach, served the location well and is easily accessible through multiple transportation modalities.

But in 2001, the entire 160 acre complex was razed, reportedly because of an “air quality” issue with the State of California. The land was then developed into a massive retail center.

The closest Walmart?

It lies directly over the Northrup-Grumman site, but it’s closed. Its windows are blacked-out, and its ingress and regress are guarded by law enforcement because of a “plumbing issue”. Really?

These five Walmart locations – Pico Rivera, CA, Midland and Livingston, TX, Tulsa, OK, and Brandon, Florida appear outwardly to be rather obscure places, but they have been strategically chosen.

Among the common threads that run between them is the fact that all of them are located in close proximity to major international transportation hubs, whether by water, by rail, or by air. They may be obscure locations on the surface, but when you look closely, you discover they’ are well connected.

Another thread can be seen in the ICE detention centers that are close to them, along with Federal and state prisons which operate in these communities, or lie within a short distance by Interstate Highway.

Finally, and most disturbing, is the fact that at least four of these five locations have a connection to military installations, and/or suitable access to military air traffic. Each store chosen for closure is the closest one to that installation.

Plumbing problems? We all know that’s absurd.

The real question is whether these five stores will be re-purposed into detention centers, or re-fitted as staging areas for Jade Helm, or both.

One thing is certain. These five stores are not being closed for six months because their toilets are leaking.

Something else is going on.

By Dave from Texas, independent investigator, Red Pill Reports’ listener.

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