Show Info 4-20-2015 – News, Guest Dr. Bill Deagle

Show Info 4-20-2015 – News, Guest Dr. Bill Deagle

April 20

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Dr. Bill DeagleIn the second hour, JD is joined by Dr. Bill Deagle for an up to the minute discussion about the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. What really happened, where are we now and how much worse can it get? Even more importantly, what does it mean for humanity and how can we protect ourselves?

Dr. Bill Deagle MD has been in private practice for 25 + years, and has worked as a contract physician with companies working with the US Government on NORAD, US Space Command, Advanced CRAY Supercomputers, Large Array and EMP Proof Microchips, and many other projects such as exit examiner for the Special Operations Chemical Munitions Team of the US Military for the OKC Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building bombing in 1995, Operation Top Off and Dark Winter with FEMA and FBI and State and Federal Hazardous Materials and Biowarfare War Games 1997.

In 1995, he was the exit examiner for the Forensic Chemist Demolitions Special Ops team that examined the Alfred P Murrah Bldg, OKC, Oklahoma.

Since, March 11th 2011, Fukushima Japan, he has done weekly reports with Chris Harris NRC nuclear safety contractor, and for the past several years has been periodically and weekly on the Rense Network with Jeff Rense to update on many topics, particularly Fukushima Daiichi, ELE, Extension Level Event.

The NUTRIMEDICAL REPORT and CLAYandIRON Show has a wide array of experts interviewed on Geopolitics, Antiaging, Health and Wellness, Prolife, Spiritual, Messianic, Christian, Military, Above Government Space and Warfare Technologies, Constitutional, Legal JurisDictionary Militia, and Ancient Archeology and Science to name but a few.


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First Hour News with JD

World News

Up to 700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya

Iranian ship convoy moves toward Yemen, alarming US officials

Over 250,000 East African refugees trapped in Yemen

ISIS releases video showing execution of 30 Christians in Libya

ISIS Secret Service: Slain top strategist’s blueprints reveal covert Syria takeover op

Gunfights rock Mexico border town near Texas as police arrest drug lord

Spain’s former IMF chief arrested over fraud claims

Kim Jong Un tackles, beats highest mountain in North Korea

US News

Texas set to approve open carry of handguns, seen as win for gun-rights activists

Experimental execution: Oklahoma legalizes nitrogen-gassing of death-row inmates

FBI overstated forensic hair matches in nearly all trials before 2000

Driver detained after suspicious car deemed ‘explosive threat’ at Picatinny

Dry Wells Plague California as Drought Has Water Tables Plunging

I-Team: Official says sudden Walmart closing was suspicious

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin expected to vacate Governor’s Mansion for six months for repair work

Oath Keepers Muster in Oregon to Prevent 139-Year-Old Gold Mines from Being Seized by BLM

Oregon Sheriff Says He Will Not Enforce Proposed Background Checks on Private Gun Sales

I-5 abuzz with millions of bees after semi truck tips over

Economic News

World finance leaders see threats ahead for global economy–global_finance-c885086ae3.html


China Cuts Reserve Ratio Most Since 2008 In Scramble To Preserve Equity Bubble, Boost Economy

Moscow denies planning multibillion credit to Greece

Greece begins selling assets, could nationalize banks, as government scrambles to find cash – “Grexit” crisis heats up

IRS Says Prominent Texas Billionaire & Late Brother Owe $3B

$75k Income Not Enough to Keep a Third of US Households From Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck

U.S. Must Return Rare ‘Double Eagle’ Gold Coins To Family

Science & Tech News

Google’s Steely Foe in Europe

Electronic waste worth £34bn piling up in ‘toxic mine’, warns UN report


Human hibernation possible? Scientists eye new space exploration tech

Proto quantum computer inspired by Victorians gets a speed boost

Health News

Nigeria Hit With Mysterious Epidemic In Ondo State, More Deadly Than Ebola: Report

Weedkiller likely cause of Nigeria’s ‘mystery disease’: WHO

UPDATE: Environmental Protection Agency May Begin Testing Food For Glyphosate Residue

Junk food companies buy off health professionals to boost sales of diabetes-causing soda

Elmo: “Come On Everybody, Get Vaccinated!” – Disturbing Message To Kids

Yoga offers a promising lifestyle intervention for decreasing weight related type 2 diabetes risk factors

Study Finds Pineapple Enzymes More Effective Than Chemotherapy

10 reasons why you should consume more cucumbers

Energy & Environment

City of Vancouver Pledges To Run On 100% Renewable Energy!

CBS: Worst may not be over from Fukushima — “Effects of radiation have become much more severe”

Home, Farm & Garden

Small projects: big effect on garden design

Don’t guess on garden fertilizer

Housing News

Quicken Loans sues DOJ, HUD for “shake down”

Mass. Appeals Court rules for MERS in mortgage assignment

Will unprecedented mortgage lending finally save Detroit?

Housing advocacy groups call on FHFA, CFPB to investigate “pro-foreclosure” tactics

Weird, Funny & Good News

This Shelter Took Its Dogs To a PhotoBooth To Get Them Adopted – And It Worked!

Clowns Brawl With Protesters Under Circus Big Top in San Bernardino

Featured Video

Exclusive Footage Inside ‘Closed Walmart’ In California, Cops Guard Dock and Entrances

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