Globalists Applaud Obama’s Amnesty, War on Constitution

Globalists Applaud Obama’s Amnesty, War on Constitution

By Kit Daniels | Infowars

Obama’s executive amnesty paves way to EU-Style “North American Union”

The Council on Foreign Relations, a “global governance” think tank with extreme influence over U.S. policy, is applauding President Obama for granting himself lawmaking power in defiance of “an obstreperous Congress.”

An article published today on said Obama “did the right thing” by running around Congress to enact amnesty for illegals despite “accusations of an imperial presidency,” and encouraged him to sign more executive orders on “climate change.”

Globalists Applaud Obama’s Amnesty, War on Constitution

“Based on what we’ve seen in just one month, my bet is on a lot more to come,” CFR insider Julia E. Sweig wrote. “On immigration, the president defied an obstreperous Congress and used his executive powers to give as many as five million people legal status in the United States…”

“The political calculus is clear enough—most of those who will acquire legal status are likely over time to vote for Democrats, unless the Republican Party can reinvent itself as more inclusive and representative.”

“The accusations of imperial presidency notwithstanding, Obama did the right thing on this one,” she added.

But CFR’s Edward Alden criticized Obama’s executive action for not granting amnesty to every illegal in the U.S.

“Of the eleven and a half million unauthorized immigrants estimated to be living in the United States, only half will be allowed to remain permanently,” he complained. “The executive action fails to address the long waits for green cards that face many undocumented migrants, and the restrictive quotas for highly-skilled immigrants.”

The CFR, which can be best described as a “shadow government” due to its extensive “invitation only” membership of U.S. and world leaders, has long advocated a “North American Union” designed by the Trilateral Commission which would combine the U.S., Mexico and Canada into a political entity at the expense of both U.S. national sovereignty and individual rights.

“We are asking the leaders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada to be bold and adopt a vision of the future that is bigger than, and beyond, the immediate problems of the present,” CFR member and former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister John P. Manley wrote. “They could be the architects of a new community of North America, not mere custodians of the status quo.”

An EU-style North American Union would be easier to implement if the U.S. lacks effective borders, which Obama has ensured through his executive amnesty, and if any resistance from Congress is neutered, which Obama has also done by usurping its lawmaking power through executive orders.


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