Show Info 11-20-2014 – JD’s News, Guest James Perloff

Show Info 11-20-2014 – JD’s News, Guest James Perloff

11-20-2014 - JD's News, Guest James Perloff

Second Hour Guest

In the second hour, JD is joined by James Perloff. James and JD will be discussing the global elites agenda to create a new world order through their use of media manipulation, false flag narratives and fictional humanitarian crisis. 11-20-2014 - Guest James PerloffHe will use historical reflection to show that these tactics of control have been used to foment war and unrest around the globe for centuries and continue right up through today, calling special attention to issues like Ebola, Isis, Russia and the Ukraine and the newly classified refugee children from Central America.

James has been a guest several times on The Power Hour and has appeared on many other shows, including the Corbett Report, What Really Happened, and Sheree and Chris Geo’s show on Truth Frequency Radio.

He is he author of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior, The Shadows of Power, and Tornado in a Junkyard.

Article by James Perloff: Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s 9/11

His website is

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First Hour News with JD for November 20, 2014

World News

Violence in East Jerusalem; ‘Intifada starts today,’ Palestinian kids say,7340,L-4593804,00.html

Ukraine is preparing for military assault on the east, Russian foreign minister says

Iraqi Kurds launch new offensive against ISIS

U.S. spends $300K per hour on Islamic State airstrikes, says Congressman

Isis has enough weapons to carry on fighting for two years, UN warns


Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Protesters Clash With Police

Islamic State takes Libyan city; 100K under terror group’s control as chaos spreads

US Troops Warned Not To Wear Uniform In Europe

Putin greets new U.S. envoy with demand not to interfere

US News

The world’s most generous country has been named

Oakland To Offer ‘Healing Centers’ As Police, Shop Owners Prepare For Ferguson Verdict

Secret Service Arrests Man Outside White House

Failures Lead Secret Service to Consider Raising White House Fence

Man arrested in fatal NYC subway shove

A White House Mass Pardon for Identity Thieves

Judicial Watch: Air Force Documents Show President Obama Ran up $1,539,402.10 in Flight Expenses Alone

Police, protesters argue over ‘rules of engagement’ ahead of Ferguson decision

President Obama to announce executive action on immigration Thursday

Economic News

Silver demand could fall 7 per cent in 2014: Report

U.S. Regulators Call for Takata Airbag Recall to Be Extended Nationwide

Junk Bonds Flourish Amid Low Interest Rates, but So Do Default Worries

Citigroup banker found dead with throat slit in swanky apartment

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds

Rich hoard cash as their wealth reaches record high

Science & Technology

OpenWorm Project Robot Thinks It Is A Worm

Hackers Can Steal Data Wirelessly From PCs That Aren’t Even Online

4.6 billion-year-old meteorites found in S. Korea

New subatomic particles predicted by Canadians found at CERN

Comet landing: Organic molecules detected by Philae

China says controls on Internet needed to maintain stability–finance.html

Health News

Students Being Served Moldy, Under-Cooked Food At School (Photos)

How Monsanto’s GMO Creations Caused 291,000 Suicides in India

Transplanted hands can regain feeling years later

Flashback: US Govt Injected Citizens with Uranium Under Secret Program

India isolates man with Ebola-infected semen

Energy & Environment

Stunning Photos Of Record Snow Covering Upstate New York: 100 Total Inches Of Snow Expected

Fukushima radiation reaches California coast in tiny doses

Industrial Hemp Production Could Begin Next Year In Tennessee

Dry San Diego to look to sewers as water source

At Least Six Dead As Buffalo Could See Up To 6 Feet Of Snow

Home, Farm & Garden

The Beekeeping Year Starts Now

How to Supercharge Your Soil with Minerals

Housing News

“An ongoing criminal enterprise”: Why America’s housing disaster is back and wreaking terror

Weird, Funny &Good News

Meet Magneto Boy, the kid who attracts metal with his body

U2’s Bono fitted with metal plates, screws after bike accident

Man Stuck In Wall For 3 Days: Drugs, Stargazing Led To Unplanned Excursion

Featured Video

Did Creepy Smokey the Bear PSAs Brainwash You to Accept Agenda 21?

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