Show Info 3-30-2015 – News, Guest Jim Willie

Show Info 3-30-2015 – News, Guest Jim Willie

Show Info 3-30-2015 – News, Guest Jim Willie

March 30

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Jim Willie In the second hour JD is joined by Jim Willie for a discussion about all things Geo-political and economic including the current situation in Greece and the Ukraine, the pending collapse of the petrol-dollar, the rise of the AIIB and changes of power in the international trading platforms.

Jim Willie comes from US industry with three main fields of statistics covered. He earned a PhD in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon Univ in 1980. The three fields are Quality Control in manufacturing, Marketing Research in computer technology, and Sales Forecasting in retail.

Since 2004, the Golden Jackass has been running the Hat Trick Letter, a newsletter that focuses on gold, currencies, central banks, and the economies. His numerous correct forecasts on important developments toward the global breakdown have gained international attention, if not notoriety.
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First Hour News with JD

World News


Air Canada flight crashes on runway in Halifax

Headmaster who molested boys as young as ten at special needs school in the 1970s is found floating in the Thames just days before he was due to be sentenced

Yemeni warplane fleet destroyed in raids, Saudis say

‘Iran wants to conquer MidEast’: Israeli PM slams prospect of nuclear deal

Arab League agrees to create joint Arab military force – Egypt’s president

Putin to Arab League: Palestinians have right to state with capital in east Jerusalem

Report: US Stationing Marines In Ghana On Eve Of Nigerian Elections

Boko Haram kills, ‘beheads with chainsaws’ 40 people to derail Nigeria elections

U.S. drops 60,000 propaganda leaflets on ISIS stronghold Raqqa

Italian High Court : Amanda Knox Not…. Guilty Of Murder

A World In Change – Shanghai Cooperation Organization

US News

No Copies of Clinton Emails on Server, Lawyer Says



DOJ Report Exposes DEA Agents’ Sex Parties with Prostitutes Funded by Colombian Drug Cartels

Utility workers found ‘hazardous situation’ in gas line before NYC blast

National Guardsman, cousin charged in ISIS plot

‘YOU MIGHT BE A TERRORIST IF…’: LEAKED DOCUMENT REVEALS SECRET TSA CHECK LIST…%27%3A_Leaked_Document_Reveals_Secret_TSA_Check_List/43013/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Colorado Bill Would Impose Penalty On Police Interfering With Citizen Recording

31% of Americans want checks and balances removed so Obama can rule with absolute power

Mega downer: Kim Dotcom loses $67mn of assets to US govt

Economic News

The ‘Obama’ Warning System

What Bond Investors Are Most Concerned About

Week Ahead is Short but Eventful

Global Currency Trading Principles Said to Be Ready for Release

Central Banks paralysed

Fitch downgrades Greece’s rating to ‘CCC’

How Fed Rate Hike Impacts Bitcoin Market?

Science & Tech News


Lockheed to build new precision weapons for US Air Force

Our future workforce: Hand-sized 3D-printed robotic ants

Computers That Can Learn

This New Service Pinpoints Every Fake Cell Tower Spying On You

Stolen Uber Customer Accounts Are for Sale on the Dark Web for $1

Google’s Pedestrian Airbag Aims to Deflate Robot Car Fears

Health News

House Overwhelmingly Approves Bipartisan Medicare-Reform Bill

U.S. hospitals exorbitantly overcharge patients for cheap blood tests and other simple procedures

Europe’s first ‘dead’ heart transplanted in UK


Eating more peanuts may reduce your mortality risk by 21 percent

Are You Feeding Your Children the Right Kind of Milk?

5 Secrets to the Law of Attraction

Energy & Environment

An hour of darkness: Earth Hour 2015 kicks off around the globe

Times: 200-year wait faced at Fukushima — Plant Chief: “No idea” how to decommission reactors…

1-Megawatt Solar Hybrid Plant Installed In Just 7 days

Home, Farm & Garden

Haywire: Devices Break Down

Housing News

Congresswoman wants to put Fannie, Freddie profits in escrow

Florida homeowners can start claiming their $6.5M from SunTrust

Will the Fed’s inevitable interest rate hike break a fragile recovery?

Freddie Mac completes largest sale ever of seriously delinquent loans

Weird, Funny & Good News

Eloquent 4th Grader Brings Crowd to Its Feet After She Rebukes Gov’t School Testing

Willie Nelson Announces New Legal Marijuana Company

Suge Knight: ‘Bitch ass Puffy knows I didn’t kill Tupac, because Tupac is alive’

Featured Video

Mmmm…Have a Nice Big Glass of Round-Up with This Monsanto Lobbyist…Oh…Wait

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The Grexit Into Gold-backed Drachma Conspiracy Theory – or – Plan Z

The Grexit Into Gold-backed Drachma Conspiracy Theory – or – Plan Z

The Grexit Into Gold-backed Drachma Conspiracy Theory – or Plan Z

By Reggie Middleton | Zero Hedge

The Grexit Into Gold-backed Drachma Conspiracy Theory - or - Plan Z

From Wikipedia:

Plan Z during 2012

“Plan Z” is the name given to a 2012 plan to enable Greece to withdraw from the eurozone in the event of Greek bank collapse.[16] It was drawn up in absolute secrecy by small teams totalling approximately two dozen officials at the European Commission (Brussels), the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) and the IMF (Washington).[16] Those officials were headed by Jörg Asmussen (ECB), Thomas Wieser (Euro working group), Poul Thomsen (IMF) and Marco Buti (European Commission).[16] To prevent premature disclosure no single document was created, no emails were exchanged, and no Greek officials were informed.[16] The plan was based on the 2003 introduction of new dinars into Iraq by the Americans[16] and would have required rebuilding the Greek economy and banking system ab initio, including isolating Greek banks by disconnecting them from theTARGET2 system, closing ATMs, and imposing capital and currency controls.[16]

Wolfson economics prize

In July 2012, the Wolfson economics prize, a prize for the “best proposal for a country to leave the European Monetary Union,” was awarded to a Capital Economics team led by Roger Bootle, for their submission titled “Leaving the Euro: A Practical Guide.”[19] The winning proposal argued that a member wishing to exit should introduce a new currency and default on a large part of its debts. The net effect, the proposal claimed, would be positive for growth and prosperity. It also called for keeping the euro for small transactions and for a short period of time after the exit from the eurozone, along with a strict regime of inflation-targeting and tough fiscal rules monitored by “independent experts.”

The Roger Bootle/Capital Economics plan also suggested that “key officials” should meet “in secret” one month before the exit is publicly announced, and that eurozone partners and international organisations should be informed “three days before.” The judges of the Wolfson economics prize found that the winning plan was the “most credible solution” to the question of a member state leaving the eurozone.

… In February 2015 the Russian government stated that it would offer Greece aid but would only provide it in rubles.[31]

Kathimerini reported that after the 16th February Eurogroup talks Commerzbank AG increased the risk of Greece exiting the euro to 50%.[32] The expression used by TIME for these talks is “Greece and the Euro Zone dance on the precipice”.[33]

Effect upon the European economy

Claudia Panseri, head of equity strategy at Société Générale, speculated in late May 2012 that eurozone stocks could plummet up to 50 percent in value if Greece makes a disorderly exit from the eurozone.[34]

Wait a minute! That’s not possible. Goldmans Sachs says to buy EU eqities because of ECB QE and NIRP! We all know Goldman Sachs is always right, that’s why more than half of hedge funds are following suit…

Asset Allocation EU Equities

Asset Allocation EU Equities

After all, do you remember Goldman’s recommendation to sell the Swiss Franc? It worked out excellente’, reference When Everybody Thinks They’re Right, They’re Almost Guaranteed to be Wrong! I Think This Is The Biggest Bubble In World History.

Bond yields in other European nations could widen 100 basis points to 200 basis points, negatively affecting their ability to service their own sovereign debts.[34]

Hopefully with no correlation whatsoever to US-based debt, cause Goldman also recommended – Long U.S. High-Yield credit risk: The recent underperformance of the U.S.High-Yield market should prove transitory, the bank reckons. I addition, what will the ECB do after all of this QE and NIRP if bond yields spike anyway? Well.. More NIRP and QE of course!

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Greece Will Not Be Treated as a Debt Colony That Should Suffer

Greece Will Not Be Treated as a Debt Colony That Should Suffer

Greece Will Not Be Treated as a Debt Colony That Should Suffer – Finance Minister


Greece Will Not Be Treated as a Debt Colony That Should Suffer

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis. Image credit: Jfgoulon [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia

Greece isn’t playing negotiating games with the EU, says Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis as he readies to face his counterparts in Brussels Monday, unwilling to agree to more of the same austerity medicine.

Greece is determined not to be “treated as a debt colony that should suffer what it must. The principle of the greatest austerity for the most depressed economy would be quaint if it did not cause so much unnecessary suffering,” Varoufakis wrote in a New York Times op-ed, published Monday.

The finance minister called the talks between Greece, EU finance ministers and central bankers, to be resumed Monday, a “turning point for Europe’s unfolding experiment with monetary union.”

Greece’s is one of the main players in the eurozone debt crisis, which began to unravel in 2009 and show the weakness of the then 18-member euro currency. The currency, which began circulating in 1999, was meant to make the EU a financial bloc to rival the US. But by banding together, no individual country of the union was safeguarded against the woes of another. In 2009, worries that Greece would default on its debt forced the EU to bailout the economy. Two bailouts were paid in 2010 and 2014 totaling €240 billion.

The new Syriza-led Greek government does not agree to the eurozone bailout under the same constraints as the former government.

“The great difference between this government and previous Greek governments is twofold: We are determined to clash with mighty vested interests in order to reboot Greece and gain our partners’ trust,” Varoufakis said.

In total, Greece is more than €317 billion in debt, which is more than 175 percent its annual gross domestic product.

Finances are dwindling. Greece needs to negotiate with EU policymakers by February 28 in order to receive the next tranche of bailout funds. Athens and Brussels have been embroiled in financial rescue package talks since the new government won a snap election on January 25 on the promise of ending austerity.

Syriza is instead trying to renegotiate its bailout with its Troika of lenders- the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, and the European Commission. The Greek government is asking for more time to negotiate, and wants a six-month bridging loan, not an extension of the old program, which has kept Greece in recession for more than 6 years.

No red lines will be crossed, and no games will be played, Greece just wants to start growing again, Varoufakis wrote.

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Show Info 2-10-2015 – News, Guests Gerald Celente & Jamie Hanshaw

Show Info 2-10-2015 – News, Guests Gerald Celente & Jamie Hanshaw

Show Info 2-10-2015 – News, Guests Gerald Celente & Jamie Hanshaw

February 10

News and Guests


First Hour Guest

Gerald Celente - Publisher of the Trends Journal

Gerald Celente: Publisher of the Trends Journal

At the bottom of the first hour, JD is joined by Gerald Celente for a brief update on the state of the worlds economy in the wake of the Greek election, continuing commodity manipulations and the global urge to un-peg from the petro-dollar.

Gerald Celente, a pioneer trend strategist, founded the Trends Research Institute in 1980. He is the author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking: Far Better than Megatrends (Warner Books), and publisher of the internationally distributed quarterly Trends Journal.

For more than three decades, Celente has built his reputation as a fearless teller of the truth, an accurate forecaster and an analyst whose expertise crosses many arenas, from economics to politics, from health to science, and more. Most important, Celente is a pure political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente—whose motto is “think for yourself”—observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends, seeing them for what they are – not as what he’d like them to be.

In the final analysis, it’s about the quality, frequency and accuracy of the forecasts Celente has made. He earned his reputation as “The most trusted name in trends” by accurately forecasting hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends.
Full Bio:


Second Hour Guest

Jamie Hanshaw

Jamie Hanshaw

Jamie was under the weather today, and couldn’t join us. She will be rescheduled soon.
In the second hour, JD is joined by author and researcher Jamie Hanshaw to further discuss her research into MK Ultra programs like the Monarch program centering around the enforcement and creation of culture through children working in the entertainment industry for companies like Disney.

Jamie is a second generation conspiracy theorist. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s she was exposed very early to the growing world of truth seekers, alternative historians, Clinton scandals, FEMA activities and witchcraft in Saturday morning cartoons.

Jamie, with co-writer Freeman, is compiling all of this information into a fully illustrated, well-referenced compendium of the occult mind pattern programming of Hollywood and the Mainstream media in their new book, Weird Stuff Operation: Culture Creation.
Full Bio:

Book: Weird Stuff [Color Edition]: Operation: Culture Creation (Volume 1)
Here is a link to a readable version of Part 1:
It takes a long time to load. Once you see the cover art it is finished. Click on the picture and use the arrow keys on your keyboard to tun the pages.

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First Hour News with JD

World News

North Korea Fire Short-range Missiles Into East Sea

Bulgarian protesters censure NATO base plans




Saudi Arabia commits War Crime by Forced Use of Prisoners in Syria Insurgency

Lithuania wants to supply weapons to Ukraine amid ongoing civil war

Le Pen says Washington attempting to start ‘war in Europe’

North Korea flaunts its ‘cutting-edge’ missiles

Huge explosion at chemical factory in Donetsk

Obama & Merkel ‘Agree’: No Prospect Of “Military Solution” In Ukraine

US News

Obama sets up hotline for illegals to snitch on feds

New documents show the FBI spied on ‘notorious negro’ writers for decades

Texas CPS underreported 655 children killed under its “care”

Man makes bomb threat, drives truck through Coast Guard Station in Michigan

5 Things Busy People Can Do to Fight the Rising Control System

Pentagon spent $504,816 on Viagra last year

3 Mondays, 3 straight snowstorms bury the Northeast

Ferguson sued for municipal fine & jailing those who can’t pay

Seismologists Say A Fault Is At Fault For Irving Earthquakes

Montague County sheriff’s deputy killed by Nocona police officer

Economic News

Next subprime bubble to burst: auto loans

Moscow & Cairo to drop USD, use national currencies in bilateral trade – Putin

Regulations hit smaller US banks hardest

Eurogroup Gives Greece 10 Day Ultimatum: Apply For Bailout Or Grexit

Fearing Grexit, Greeks Turn To Gold Again

A Day Of Reckoning For The Euro Has Arrived – 26 TRILLION In Currency Derivatives At Risk

JP Morgan under investigation for hiring China commerce minister’s son

HSBC exposed in tax evasion data leak

Russia finds $21.7bn mistake in Yukos case

Bitcoin Price Corrects; Another Dip Inevitable?

Science & Technology



Bill Calls for Digital Drivers Licenses

Time to put your digital affairs in order|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news

Unlock Windows 10’s hidden, powerful GodMode tool

Is Spiritual Science the Answer to Solving the Mysteries of Reality?

Smart phone app saves victims from muggings

‘Space plane’: Europe to launch experimental IXV mission

Health News

Nebraska fighting ‘epidemic’ prescription drug abuse

Secrets of the home: The weather in your hallway

Measles outbreak spreads to three more states and Washington DC; 121 people now affected

Indiana Proposes Yet Another GMO Labeling Bill for Food Freedoms

New Obama executive order says government can detain and forcibly treat you for “severe acute respiratory syndromes”

How Vaccinated Kids Infect The Non-Vaccinated

Breyers Ice Cream Will Stop Using Monsanto Hormone In Their Products

Japan Official: Fuel from Fukushima reactors is “melting down daily”

‘Breathtaking’ Adjustments To Artic Temperature Record. Is There Any ‘Global Warming’ We Can Trust?

Home, Farm & Garden

The Basics of Making Your Own Dog Food

4 Tips for Filtering, Chilling and Cleaning Up To Ensure Clean and Safe Milk

Icicles: How we Stopped them and the Heat Loss that Caused Them, Part 1

Driver caught using laptop, mobile phone and headphones at the wheel in rush-hour

16 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Housing News

MGIC writes $2.9B in primary new insurance

Ocwen’s servicer ratings just took another hit

Weird, Funny & Good News

Town shocked to find lost copy of Magna Carta worth $15 million in a scrapbook

Robot vacuum cleaner ‘attacks’ South Korea housewife’s hair

Featured Video

NASA releases cool new video of the far side of the moon

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Russia’s Modest Proposal To Greece: “Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban”

Russia’s Modest Proposal To Greece: “Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban”

Russia’s Modest Proposal To Greece: “Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban”

By Tyler Durden | Zero Hedge

Russia's Modest Proposal To Greece: "Exit Europe And We Will Lift The Food Import Ban"

Image credit: Public Domain

It has not been a good week for Greece: first we learned that its treasury has run dry as Greece have stop paying all taxes ahead of the elections (and likely after), making further reforms virtually impossible as the government simply does not have the cash to promote economic changes; then we found out that first two then all four of the largest Greek banks have submitted Emergency Liquidity Assistance requests to the ECB to preserve liquidity in light of a deposit run that is picking up pace. And yesterday, adding insult to injury, Spiegel leaked that while seeking preapproval from Merkel for his QE program to be announced next week, Draghi told the Germans that Greek bonds won’t be among the securities monetized by the ECB.

It almost makes the Greeks wonder what’s the point of staying in the Eurozone and keeping the Euro if all it leads to is 50% youth unemployment, 25% total unemployment, and unprecedented pain and suffering as a result of the internal devaluation that will continue indefinitely since Greece, courtesy of the Euro, is unable to engage in an external one.

Of course, the Greek population will be able to voice its opinion next Sunday when it holds general elections, which will almost surely be won by Tsipras who has threatened on numerous occasions to renegotiate the Greek bailout, something Germany has made quite clear is not a topic for debate, and that a Grexit is assured if Greece thinks it can hold Europe hostage with threats of Eurozone collapse.

And just to make things interesting, overnight Russia told a beleaguered Greece, and specifically its hurting farmers, that it “may lift its ban on food imports from Greece in the event it quits the European Union” according to Russian Minister of Agriculture Nikolai Fyodorov who spoke in Berlin on Friday.

If Greece has to leave the European Union, we will build our own relations with it, the food ban will not be applicable to it,” Fyodorov said as reported by Tass.

In other words, Russia has casually thrown out feelers to Greece (and any other peripheral European country) and given it the option of joining the greater Russian sphere of influence (because the USSR 2.0 and satellites is still not trademarked), should it decide that 5 years after the first Greek “bailout” things for the country caught in an endless depression are as good as they will get with a bunch of Goldman bankers in charge.

Fyodorov also said that European Union countries, which felt discomfort from the slump in proceeds from exports of foods to Russia, were asking Russia to cushion the impacts of the Russian food import ban by expanding other types of imports. “We are looking at such possibility,” he said, adding that these countries offer new formats of cooperation in those areas that are not covered by the Russian food sanctions.

One such format apparently is the “hint” that should the European Union finally implode after years of kicking the can, then Russia will be more than happy to pick up the pieces.

Insanity? Perhaps, but just 48 hours ago crazier things happened, when a central bank which until Monday telegraphed the rock solid determination of its monetary policy not to mention the Swiss Franc’s floor, shocked the world when it became the first western bank to admit defeat in currency wars which have cost it a balance sheet the size of its GDP.

The ball is now in Greece’s court.


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