Show Info 11-19-2014 – JD’s News, Guest Doreen Hannes

Show Info 11-19-2014 – JD’s News, Guest Doreen Hannes

11-19-2014 - JD's News, Guest Doreen Hannes

Second Hour Guest

In the second hour, JD is joined by Doreen Hannes. Doreen has been an avid student of the effects of World Trade Organization Free Trade Agreements on the livelihoods of citizens of the United States since the establishment of the WTO and ratification of NAFTA in 1994­-95. Her predominant area of interest has been the impact on independent agriculture and the ramifications of these agreements upon food freedom and consolidation of access to market for independent growers.

Doreen HannesShe will discuss the way the agencies work. In regard specifically to agriculture property rights. The effects, and the methodologies. This is pertinent to a 75 year old man in Wisconsin that was kidnapped and forced to withdraw $80k for the county of Marathon Wisconsin. Also in relation to the WOTUS “comment” period just ended by the EPA and how the state agencies feed off the feds.

They may also cover Simplot’s newly approved GMO potato.

One of Dorreen’s dominant operating principles is that there are two kinds of people .. Those who want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave them alone.

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First Hour News with JD for November 19, 2014

World News

angladesh rescues over 600 trafficking victims

Putin says United States will never ‘subdue’ Russia

Kenyan city of Mombasa hit by killings after mosque raids

Assange Announces WikiLeaks is Preparing a New Series of Leaks

40,000 Maasai evicted from homeland as wealthy hunting group moves in

Israel to step up demolition of Palestinian homes

9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui claims Saudi involvement

NATO warns of ‘very serious’ Russian military build-up in Ukraine

Palestinians kill 4 in Jerusalem synagogue attack–israel-palestinians-491df47377.html

US News

Virginia woman accused of attempting to aid Islamic State

Artesia mayor: 95 percent of families of illegals being released

Insurers ‘will strenuously resist Republican efforts to dismantle’ Obamacare

Health Care Law Recasts Insurers as Obama Allies

State of Emergency Declared in Ferguson

Nixon Activates Missouri National Guard in Response to Potential ‘Period of Unrest’

FBI warns Ferguson grand jury decision ‘will likely’ lead to violence

Economic News


Federal Reserve unlikely to raise rates at all in 2015: Amundi

Government to announce curbs on gold import in a day or two: Sources

Ukraine Admits Its Gold Is Gone: “There Is Almost No Gold Left In The Central Bank Vault”

Secret Tapes Hint at Turmoil in New York Fed Team Monitoring JPMorgan

Walmart workers plan Black Friday wages protests at 1,600 stores

A majority of Americans make less than $20 per hour

7 U.S. CEOs made more than their companies paid in taxes, study finds

Science & Technology

Pay Phones in New York City Will Become Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Russia tests ‘satellite catcher’

U.S. Navy deploys its first laser cannon — capable of setting drones on fire in the sky

Whatsapp Just Switched on End-to-End Encryption for Hundreds of Millions of Users

The Virus Responsible for the “Star Fish Melting” Exposed!

Publishers Remove Climate Change Denialism From Textbooks

Satellite Internet From SpaceX Coming Soon?

Security app flies drones to your location in emergency

Health News

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Neurological Diseases; Also Raises Risk of Asthma Attacks, and More…

Prescription drug vending machines now being installed on college campuses across America

Cost to Develop a Drug More Than Doubles to $2.56 Billion

Pasteurized Milk Speeds Death, Heart Disease, Cancer, Bone Fractures; Yogurt and Cheese Have Opposite Effects

GMO-Loaded Food Corp Targets Natural Foods for Being ‘Unfair Competition’

The ‘dirty’ side of soap: Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in personal hygiene products, causes liver fibrosis and cancer in mice

Million dollar baby: Canadians handed $1M bill after woman gives birth in U.S.

Energy & Environment

Fracking to be allowed in largest national forest on US east coast

Record Breaking Cold Blankets United States — Coldest November Morning Since 1976

Facing lame-duck era, Obama aims to ensure final years remembered for action on climate change

Home, Farm & Garden

Gardening tips: Technique that will keep you growing greens all winter

Smart garden promises homegrown vegetables for lazy urbanites

We Bought Land! Now What?

Housing News

Firm Accused Of Illegal Practices That Push Families Into Foreclosure

Weird, Funny & Good News

Utah Woman Wears Colander For Driver’s License Photo As Religious Statement

Featured Video

Sound Frequencies in Water: A=440 Hz vs. A=432 Hz

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