Dr. Rossi’s Cold Fusion E-CAT Reactor Verified

Dr. Rossi’s Cold Fusion E-CAT Reactor Verified Again .. But the Mystery Remains


Many of you shared this story with me this past week, and it’s more confirmation that Italian scientist and inventor, Dr. Andrea Rossi, and his cold fusion device, E-Cat, really works, and that his claims, made consistently for the past few years, are not bogus. According to this report by Sebastian Anthony, filed on Oct 9, 2014 on ExtremeTech’s website, the study made some astonishing statements:

Dr. Rossi's Cold Fusion E-CATCold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline

You can find the pdf of of the report here:

Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device a nd of isotopic changes in the fuel

You’ll note that in the pdf report, the people conducting the study of Rossi’s device were connected to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and the University of Bologna in Italy, none of which are fly-by-night institutions, and all of which may be considered to be well-ensconced within “the mainstream.” You’ll note that this report contains some of the first details about Rossi’s device, two of which, occurring near the beginning of the report, caught my interest. For those familiar with some of my books, you’ll see why:

“1. Introduction
“This paper presents the results from a new extended study carried out on the “E-Cat” reactor, a device invented by Andrea Rossi. Various tests of this reactor have indicated that an excessive amount of heat is generated from a fuel consisting of hydrogen-loaded nickel powder plus some additives. The heat generating process is initiated by heat from resistor coils around the reactor tube. In addition, the resistor coils are fed with some specific electromagnetic pulses.”(Emphasis added)

A little later we read that one of the ingredients used in the mixture was lithium, and at this juncture, my mind immediately began thinking “Lithium + electrical pulses” and this reminded me of the “crazy montebank and Swindler, Dr. Ronald Richter,” and his claims, which were made in 1951 in Argentina, that he was obtaining fusion reactions far below the temperatures conventionally held to be necessary for fusion reactions to occur, and he was doing so in plasmas involving lithium-7 under electromagnetic stress.

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