E-cigarettes Contain 10 Times the Carcinogens of Regular Tobacco

E-cigarettes Contain 10 Times the Carcinogens of Regular Tobacco


Electronic cigarettes contain up to 10 times more cancer-causing substances than regular tobacco, according to the latest study by Japanese scientists.

A team of researchers from the Japanese Health Ministry examined the vapor, finding carcinogens like formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. The former was found in quantities exceeding traditional cigarettes by 10 times.

E-cigarettes Contain 10 Times the Carcinogens
Image credit: Seics [CC-BY-SA-3.]
“Especially when the… wire (which vaporizes the liquid) gets overheated, higher amounts of those harmful substances seemed to be produced,” researcher Naoki Kunugita said.

Kunugita wanted to raise awareness about the fact that “some makers are selling such products for dual use (with tobacco) or as a gateway for young people” to start a smoking habit.

E-cigarettes are largely represented as a safe way of smoking, not harmful to one’s health.

The report was submitted on Thursday by Kunugita and his team at the National Institute of Public Health, AFP reported. Japan’s Health Ministry stated that it is examining the results to develop ways to regulate e-cigarettes.

The researchers analyzed several kinds of e-cigarette fluid, using a special ‘puffing’ machine that inhaled 10 of 15 puffs of vapor.

E-cigarettes work by heating flavored liquid, which often contains nicotine, and creating a vapor.

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