Breaking — Why John Burroughs’s Medical Records Are “Classified”

Breaking — Why John Burroughs’s Medical Records Are “Classified”

By Linda Moulton Howe | Earthfiles

Emmy Award-winning Reporter Linda Moulton Howe Investigates: This Is Why John Burroughs’s Medical Records from RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge 1979-1982 Are “Classified,” According to Christopher C. Green M.D., Ph.D., FAAFS, Wayne State School of Medicine. © 2015 by Linda Moulton Howe


Breaking — Why John Burroughs's Medical Records Are "Classified"
John Burroughs receiving 2015 Researcher of the Year Award for FOIA breakthroughs with the U. K. Ministry of Defence about the MoD’s withholding UAP/UFO files, on February 21, 2015, Open Minds Conference, Fountain Hills, Arizona.

March 13, 2015 Albuquerque, New Mexico – The following statement was posted on March 13, 2015, at the Above Top Secret (ATS) website URL by Christopher “Kit” Green, M.D., Ph.D., FAAFS. See Websites below. Dr. Green was also listed in “The Aviary”of bird names given by UFO investigators William Moore and Jaime Shandera in 1982 of whistleblowers leaking information to them about extraterrestrial biological entities interacting with Earth past and present. Christopher “Kit” Green, M. D., was listed as “Bluejay,” who worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on remote viewing research and later became Chief of Biomedical Sciences at General Motors. More recently, Dr. Green has worked as Assistant Dean Asia Pacific in the Wayne State School of Medicine and as Professor of Diagnostic Radiology & Psychiatry in the Detroit Medical Center.

Kit Green ATS why Burroughs VA records Classified 031315
March 13, 2015, 07:46 PM, Kit Green reply in ATS thread under “US DoD have confirmed the UFO phenomenon is real,” Page 12. See Websites below.

Christopher “Kit” Green, M. D., Ph.D., FAAFS: This is a reply to the entire thread… and will only address two issues that are common throughout many comments on this thread.

They are: Q # 1 … How can it be true that medical records such as John Burroughs’ could have been classified…Is this true? Is it sensible? What are the reasons? And, Q # 2 … What caused his injuries (and several others present over the encounter) with the odd Air Form that emitted the Broad Band NIEMR?

It is true, his records…about a thousand pages, and to this day, still many hundreds, were in fact legally classified. In my 46 year career as a Medical Officer and physician with CIA [including as Staff Officer, Chief of Medical Intelligence/ Life Sciences Division, and Assistant National Intelligence Officer for Science and Technology]…I had, until a year or so ago…only seen a handful of truly ‘classified’ medical records: those of Adolph Hitler, John Kennedy’s Autopsy, and recently … John Burroughs.

The reasons were different. When I was denied these records after many requests (even though I have continuously held TS/SCI clearances for almost 50 years), I was able to quickly determine that the reasons were quite simple…medical records are not usually digital and are easily sequestered in multiple location…and almost impossible to find (these were and remain except for recent years in hard copy, scanned, and separated from FOIA access…and even mine.) The reasons are (I was told by current DoD and VA Records staffs) that “inside the doctors notes, the nursing notes, the specialist’s note are a myriad of references to Special Access Projects and the names of OTHER “adjacent and ancillary Programs and projects that can not be disentangled, and which could uncover active and recent projects unrelated to Rendlesham. The reasons are not necessarily related to Rendlesham…and not all the connections relate to Rendlesham.”

This makes some sense operationally, but no sense ethically…John was hurt. He needed care, then, often, and now. He had injuries we now understand are related to narrow RF bandwidths that only in some cases in the past five years have become linked to the specific etiology of cardiac and other injury he suffered. There are likely other persons and other injuries.

So: Q # 1 … Yes, his records were classified. Some remain classified. The reasons are not entirely ethical. Thank god that a couple of Senators had the guts to push, and push to ‘Disentangle’ that which was legitimately classified from those records that were needed to make the right decision about injury sustained while on Active Duty. Period. It is/was true. It is sensible. It is not entirely the stuff to make us physicians very proud.

Q # 2 Broad-band Non Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation caused the injuries. The RF is identified in a dozen classified and a half-dozen unclassified studies on cardiological and neurological injuries … not thousands of reports. Very, very few physicians even care about this arcane area of research…and fewer know about the injuries sustained by near-field (< 100 M) to humans. The data is sparse, it is not properly Peer-reviewed, it is not understood, it is not the subject of current research. And that is the truth.

The decision that was made to grant medical disability to John was just. Some of his records will remain classified. Those of us in Military and Intelligence Medicine can be proud the right decision was finally, if belatedly made; we should remain both vigilant and ashamed that our profession remains improperly darkened, and we should bring it to the light when we can.

{Disclosure Statements: 1) I did not clear this short statement with John Burroughs, his Attorney, anyone in my government including my Contracting Officers’ Technical Representatives. 2) I am a Chief Medical Advisor to ATS. 3. I own a fraction of a fraction of a % of Stock in The Above Network, LLC. I receive no compensation. }

Christopher C. Green MD, PhD, FAAFS

I called John Burroughs for his comment on Dr. Green’s “reply to the entire thread” of ATS “US DoD have confirmed the UFO phenomenon is real,” Page 12.

John Burroughs, Normal, Illinois, evening of March 13, 2015:

“I am stunned. I didn’t know this was coming. I want to thank Dr. Green for being open now about what has been going on behind the scenes. When I met with Dr. Green in July 2013, he saw how ill I was, he went out of his way to get the proper treatment and surgery I needed and I will always be grateful to him for his help.”

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