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Michael Rosecliff was born and raised in the shadow of the concrete monster known as New York City, spending the first half of his life in a suburb not far from Manhattan. Upon receiving his first computer at a very early age, his infatuation with technology and all things digital was born. Even while staring at a relatively unentertaining disk operating system command prompt of an Apple IIe, his imagination wandered in terms of that “what could be”.

Michael Rosecliff
PUMA (Predictive Universal Mathematical Algorithm). Known to many as “The Chaos Cat”
Throughout what can only be described as a mediocre academic career his passion and interest in technology never subsided. In fact there were times he did consider pursuing higher education in the field of computer science, information technology and the like. That would not be the case as he did discover, with the help of teachers and so forth, that he had a natural talent for business. Most notably as those that knew him at that age will tell you, a certain flare for public speaking and presentations. Suffice to say that not a lot has changed, however his passion for technology saw that he would ultimately become a self-taught designer, programmer, and systems architect learning largely by doing and trying.

Michael has worked in a variety of career fields including high value luxury asset sales, online marketing and business development in addition to a brief stint on Wall Street. From 2010 and on, took his passion for technology and became a freelance IT professional in roles ranging from desktop support, web design, hardware maintenance all the way to systems administration. His interest in programming never really subsided from the day he saw his first DOS prompt and with that set out shortly after the events of 9/11 to do what many said was simply not possible. His mission was to design a program that could “see into the future”. Something of a crystal ball so to speak. Looking for inspiration in the work of Stephen Hawking, Nikola Tesla, and many others, today his dream has become a reality.

Looking Glass

The design of the program he has affectionately dubbed “Looking Glass” has gone from a hobby, the result of a self-imposed challenge, to a full time career beginning in 2013. Since then he has devoted all of his time to tweaking and perfecting a program, the design of which he is very guarded about, that now boasts a near 96 percent level of accuracy in trend forecasting. Because of the unique design of the program there is a variety of search options that make said program ideal for economic, geopolitical, and military amongst other practical applications. Searches can be predicated on a series of key words, a single key word, and contextual phrases with search modifiers including chronological range, inferred context and more. While many might think that he simply designed a search engine, the reality of the situation is that the few people that know anything about the design will tell you that nothing could be further from the truth. Right now, to the best of his knowledge he has one of, if not the only functioning software system like it on the planet.

As a result of the programs recent success in the final stages of testing and after much self-deliberation, he has chosen to release the program to be applied by those who wish to make fair use of it. Once again those that know him personally will tell you that he did have for some time, some level of hesitation about going public about said program because of how truly accurate it has become. Those that are in the fields of economics, defense, banking, and similar are encouraged to contact Michael, who is in the process of creating “The Arc Light Institute” to find out more details. Michael is incredibly thankful that a lot of hard work and a lot of determination have finally paid off and is looking very much forward to a bright future filled with limitless possibilities.

The incredible accuracy of Looking Glass is uncanny. From predicting the dips on Apple to the unseen flash crash of the Alibaba IPO, to the bottoming of Gold and Silver. Looking Glass is proving itself terrifyingly accurate time and time again. The Guerrilla looks to Looking Glass when he needs the most in depth and accurate information.
-“V” The Guerrilla Economist

The Arc Light Institute

Arc Light represents the next level of global, social, economic and geopolitical trend forecasting for both businesses and individual professionals. Regardless of your field or your profession, Arclight can offer you or your business the information to stay ahead of the curve and to ultimately be more profitable. Arclight is proud to make use of the some of the most cutting edge technology in existence today, the vast majority of which are proprietary to the institute to forecast a myriad of events and trends. Those that choose to subscribe to Arclight’s proprietary news briefings can expect to receive an insight into the world that has long been the guarded secret of only the largest of organizations. Beyond our news briefings, the select few clients that Arclight chooses to work with on a custom tailored consultation program can expect to gain an instant edge in their respective fields that will leave the competition wondering simply “how do they do it”.

While the Institute specialties in all manner of global trend forecasting, those in fields pertaining to economics and finance will want to pay particular attention to Arclight’s findings. Arclight is proud of it’s economic-centric approach to global forecasting and a great majority of the research that goes into a lot of our proprietary trend forecasting is based off economic data. Rather than use many of the “same old” methods of economic trend forecasting so common to big financial institutions, Arclight is proud of what many have come to call its “30,000 foot view” approach to forward looking data. This combined with means that are entirely proprietary to Arclight mean that those making use of our data can rest assured that they will get ahead of the crowd, and more importantly, stay ahead of the crowd.

We also invite those who have taken to the “prepper” lifestyle as well as survivalists to make use of the data disseminated by Arclight. We here at the Institute believe that it goes without saying: each day we are all living in an unprecedented time of global uncertainty. Arclight is proud of it’s ability to offer direct, real information to those that want it the most. This information includes the kind of geo-political insight that will be most beneficial to the prepared American as well as those concerned with survival living around the globe.

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