Commander Dale Brown

Show Info 3-09-2015 – News, Guest Dale Brown

In the second hour JD is joined by Commander Dale Brown of the Detroit Threat Management Center to discuss his organization, their historical success and the difference between his private armed security personnel and traditional municipal law enforcement officers. His organization is a perfect example of why proper training and altruistic intentions can and should be used to refine law enforcement agencies nationwide.

1-26-2015 – News, Guest Greg Morse

Show Info 3-05-2015 – News, Guest Greg Morse

In the second hour JD is joined by Greg Morse for the latest report on the ongoing saga of the mortgage crisis including very significant developments in his Pro Se Rico lawsuit against the criminal banking cartel as well as information on how you can check the veracity of your own mortgage and what you can do in the event that your mortgage has been compromised.

Deborah Tavares

Show Info 2-19-2015 – News, Guest Deborah Tavares

In the second hour JD is joined by Deborah Tavares to discuss the latest developments in the fight against a planned global control grid and resource management plan being initiated already here in the United States. We learn from Deborah, what she learned at this years AAAS meeting (Horrific), details about the Global Trends Water Plans and the work of Dr. Andrew Moulden. Was he murdered for his discovery?

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