Show Info 2-20-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

Show Info 2-20-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

February 20

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Guest Andrew GauseIn the second hour JD is joined By author and monetary expert Andrew Gause for a discussion about current geo-political and economic events from around the world as all eyes are currently on Greece and Kim Jung Uns new haircut.

Since 1981, Mr. Gause has been apprising Americans about the pitfalls of our electronic banking transactions, and the intrusion of “Big Brother” as we move into a “cashless society”. Andrew Gause has been studying and lecturing on the problems and solutions connected to our monetary system for more than two decades. He tackles the challenging questions about America’s REAL economic future, and provides behind the scenes insight as to how the politicians and bankers in DC plan to secretly deal with the debt crisis – and how their plan will be catastrophic for every American taxpayer.

The World of Money Newsletter, published quarterly, is in its 25th year. The Secret World of Money, written by Andrew Gause in a comprehensive Q & A format, challenges a wide range of topics dealing with the history and future of money. Uncle Sam Cooks the Books, Mr. Gause’s latest release, will inform you about Words of Art and the Secret Recipes of Government Spending. Some topics covered and revealed, include Trust Funds, Social Spending, Budget Busters, the FDIC and more.

The key to protecting your wealth is to be prepared. Mr.Gause will expand your knowledge through his vast research. For more information about Andrew Gause, please visit his websites.
The Secret World of MoneyFull Bio:

Book: The Secret World of Money

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First Hour News with JD

World News

Russia accuses Ukraine of aiming to destroy Minsk accords

Britain Says It Sent Warplanes to Intercept Russian Bombers Off Cornwall

Germany rejects Greek bailout extension request

Worried depositors rush to pull cash out of Greek banks

NATO member Turkey to buy $3.4 billion worth of incompatible Chinese antimissiles

Egypt is calling the West’s bluff over its phony war on ISIS


U.S. to Give Moderate Syrian Rebels Ability to Call Airstrikes

3,000 ISIS infiltrators may enter Turkey, plan to attack diplomatic targets – report

Kim Jong Un has an amazing new haircut. We have many, many questions.

US News

Netanyahu on collision course with White House over Iran;_ylt=AwrBEiTSIuZUvjMAV7XQtDMD

ICE’s risk assessment on illegal immigrants ‘not effective,’ IG report finds

Limbaugh affirms amnesty could be fatally flawed

Trey Gowdy: Time for a Select Committee to Investigate the IRS Scandal

Anti-Semitic, Pro-Islamic State Graffiti Continues to Plague D.C.

More States Push Back Against Common Core

Obamacare Inflicts IRS Paperwork on New Victims

Alaska leads states in well-being; West Virginia comes in last

Polar vortex to unleash record-breaking cold in eastern U.S. on Thursday, Friday

Economic News

Usury, 0% Interest Rates, and Worthless Currencies

Greece Gives Europe A Counter-Ultimatum: Accept Or Reject Our Offer


Caterpillar mining sales down 27% worldwide in January

Walmart to hike pay for 500,000 workers

Japan stocks hit 15-year high on export bump

Gold Could Retrace Kneejerk Fed Rally

Independent Investigators Find Fresh Details on Mt. Gox

Third US Marshals Service Bitcoin Auction to Take Place in March

Gold Bars In France Worth $500,000 Robbed From Pensioner By Fake Cops

Science & Technology

AT&T CEO: ‘There Will Be Litigation’ on Net Neutrality,2817,2476844,00.asp?fullsite=true

Lenovo PCs ship with adware that destroys system security, breaks HTTPS

$53.1 Million Spent On Tesla’s Gigafactory Construction So Far, $4.95 Billion Still To Go

Sony’s latest snake oil: Pricey ‘Premium Sound’ Micro SDXC cards

YouTube to unveil paid subscription model in next few months

‘Unhackable’: Russian firm develops totally surveillance-proof smartphone

New Barbie Will Talk With Children, Record Their Conversations And Send It To Researchers!

Health News

Genetically Modified Non-Browning Apples Are Approved in the U.S.

Study Confirms Organic Food Has LOWER Pesticide Levels than Conventional

Deadly superbug outbreak at UCLA, some 200 exposed

How many people have died from chemotherapy, not cancer?


Saw Palmetto: Nature’s ‘Cure’ For Prostate Conditions?

Tell government to get the F out of our drinking water!

Energy & Environment

ABC Tours Fukushima Plant: This could go on for centuries, and some say problems can never be fixed

EIA Crude Inventories & Production Surge To Record Highs

Home, Farm & Garden

Bee Spring Cleaning

Just How Green is Green Building Anyway?

Six methods to purify water for off-grid survival

Owl Hunting!

Housing News

Freddie Mac posts net income of $7.7B in 2014

New Black Knight tool protects servicers, investors from super liens

Here’s Freddie Mac’s mortgage forecast update for 2015

Weird, Funny & Good News

A Man Is Listening to 168 Hours of Nickelback for Charity
Crying fowl: Crates of chickens fly out of tractor-trailer

Featured Video

Conservative Group Releases Video Tying Jeb Bush to Hillary Clinton

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