Show Info 3-20-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

Show Info 3-20-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

March 20

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Guest Andrew GauseIn the second hour JD is joined by monetary historian and numismatist, Andrew Gause in an attempt to help us get our minds around exactly what is happening in the global economy during a week of very profound changes and fresh geopolitical turmoil. You will receive $40.00 in numismatic investment booklets free from Andrew by calling 800-468-2646, and mentioning Red Pill Reports. Since 1981, Mr. Gause has been apprising Americans about the pitfalls of our electronic banking transactions, and the intrusion of “Big Brother” as we move into a “cashless society”. Andrew Gause has been studying and lecturing on the problems and solutions connected to our monetary system for more than two decades. He tackles the challenging questions about America's REAL economic future, and provides behind the scenes insight as to how the politicians and bankers in DC plan to secretly deal with the debt crisis - and how their plan will be catastrophic for every American taxpayer. The World of Money Newsletter, published quarterly, is in its 25th year. The Secret World of Money, written by Andrew Gause in a comprehensive Q & A format, challenges a wide range of topics dealing with the history and future of money. Uncle Sam Cooks the Books, Mr. Gause's latest release, will inform you about Words of Art and the Secret Recipes of Government Spending. Some topics covered and revealed, include Trust Funds, Social Spending, Budget Busters, the FDIC and more. The key to protecting your wealth is to be prepared. Mr.Gause will expand your knowledge through his vast research. For more information about Andrew Gause, please visit his websites. The Secret World of MoneyFull Bio: Website: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Book: The Secret World of Money
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Palestinians warn two-state solution ‘impossible with Netanyahu’ Saudi Arabia halts Sweden visas as tension rises over human rights criticism France moves to legalize warrantless data surveillance Mass crackdown on human trafficking sees 10 arrested British woman arrested at Luton airport, suspected of preparing terrorist acts Over 50% of Ukrainians fed up with President Poroshenko’s policies – poll Russia slaps personal sanctions on 200+ foreign citizens – report New Russian Humanitarian Aid Convoy Crosses Ukrainian Border US grants Peru $1m for Amazon clean-up due to illegal mining legacy Russia extends ‘cash for clunkers’ campaign in 2015 Brexit would turn 2mn Brits abroad into illegal immigrants – ex-attorney general Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: No sign of missing plane as rubbish collectors find debris

US News

Hillary Clinton’s private emails made unsearchable by new White House regulation Breaking: Rand Paul Files For Presidency Obama calls for mandatory voting in U.S. GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert can’t wait any longer: ‘It’s time to bomb Iran’ DC police computer glitch puts thousands of cases in limbo Texas Senate OKs Handgun Open Carry, Governor To Sign San Diego Is Suing Monstanto For Poisoning Its Water SOME NORTHERN CALIFORNIA FARMERS NOT PLANTING THIS YEAR, WILL MAKE MORE MONEY SELLING WATER TO LOS ANGELES ‘Suicidal’ Robert Durst moved to jail for mentally ill inmates STUDENTS, GOVERNOR WANT U.VA. STUDENT VIOLENT ARREST INVESTIGATED

Economic News

How Many Shale Oil Plays Make Money At $37 Per Barrel? (Spoiler Alert: None) U.S. Treasury Drops a Bombshell Yesterday: “Quicksilver Markets” 10 CHARTS WHICH SHOW WE ARE MUCH WORSE OFF THAN JUST BEFORE THE LAST ECONOMIC CRISIS Bitcoin Scammers Run Off With $12 Million: “Going to The Caribbean… Hope You Guys Understand” New era of gold benchmarking to start with handful of pioneers Six banks to join London's electronic gold fix U.S. Claims Billions from Banks to Settle FX-Rigging Probe Barclays and UBS FX Probe Settlements May Get Revoked: Bloomberg Caterpillar Feb. sales down 11%

Science & Tech News

Everything You Need to Know about Friday’s Rare Vernal Equniox Supermoon Solar Eclipse, from an Astronomical, Cultural and Energetic Perspective! HERE’S WHAT IS IN THE SENATE’S CYBERSECURITY BILL Target to pay $10 million in proposed settlement for 2013 data breach Weird aurora and dust cloud found on new Mars mission NEW TESLA MODEL S P85D HAS AN "INSANE MODE" TAG Heuer, Google, and Intel get together to announce a conceptual smartwatch Where our salt comes from – a dive into the spectacular and harsh world of salt extraction How GMO Foods Feed Junk Food Profits – Not the World

Health News

Kansas tuberculosis outbreak infects 28 high school students Research Discovers This Degenerative Disease to Develop in 20’s 4 Ways This Food Crushes Cancer and Inflammation in Your Body The 10 most common environmental toxins to avoid and why How to make all-natural herbal toothpaste and toothpowder Pau d'arco - A versatile and powerful herbal remedy for many health issues

Energy & Environment

Obama to sign executive order cutting government greenhouse gas emissions The Other Big Drought Story You Need to Pay Attention To Human activity is leading to "a major extinction event" for sea life, scientists say “Huge geomagnetic storm” hits Earth — “So intense it far overshadows anything this solar cycle” — Gov’t

Home, Farm & Garden

Repurposing for Home Decor A Month in the Life on the Homestead

Housing News

RealtyTrac: Foreclosures will soon return to pre-crisis level Risky housing policies and the slowly inflating bubble Jobless claims rise again in mid-March

Weird, Funny & Good News

Blind man plants 10,000 with his armless friend Fake gun shop set up by gun control group to deter buyers

Featured Video

Mr. and Mrs. Consumer, Do You Ever Feel That Things Are Out of Control?

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