Show Info 12-19-2014 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

Show Info 12-19-2014 - News, Guest Andrew Gause

Second Hour Guest

Andrew GauseIn the second hour, Andrew Gause joins JD to discuss some of the current financial and Geo-political developments unfolding globally, in real time. Andrew speaks about the current economic meltdown of the Russian economy, the new pro-banking laws sneaking their way through congress, and the ramifications of the coming shale industry collapse here in the U.S. Nationally recognized U.S. monetary historian and numismatic expert, Andrew Gause has appeared on nationally syndicated radio programs, and television networks such as PBS, Fox Business, CNBC: The Brian Williams Show, News 12 (NJ and CT). He is also a frequent guest in studio at the flagship NY radio station WOR 710 AM: The Joey Reynolds Show ) and a regular guest on where he has educated the public on a wide range of financial and political topics, including the origins and operations of the U.S. monetary system, the Federal Reserve, Social Security, and current economic policies on “The Real World of Money.” Website: Website: Twitter: Book: The Secret World of Money Listen to the 12-19-2014 Broadcast Truth Frequency Radio. Call in to listen 832-225-5308 or click the "Listen Live" banner in the right side bar.
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First Hour News with JD for December 19, 2014

World News

Panic in Russia: Fearing Inflation, Consumers Rush to Make Purchases Before Prices Rise Further This Is What a Currency Collapse Looks Like: Shopping Frenzy in Russia Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine More To Ruble's Collapse Than Meets The Eye? Kurds 'retake ground' from ISIL in Iraq Exclusive: As easy targets thin, Syria air strikes by U.S. allies plunge FARC Guerrillas Just Announced a Ceasefire with Colombia's Government After 50 Years of Civil War More US troops going to Iraq in a couple of weeks Palestine submits UN resolution against Israeli occupation Three Members of 'Cuban Five' Freed and Headed Home Italy police break up international money laundering ring in Rome PUTIN DEFIANT, LASHES OUT AT WEST, TELLS RUSSIANS ECONOMY MAY STAY WEAK FOR TWO YEARS

US News

School Punishes Blind Child by Taking Away Cane Cop caught with 4 pounds of marijuana at home won’t be charged Flashback: Court Rules You CAN Be ‘Too Smart’ to Be a Cop Viral Pic of Bill Clinton Creeping on Long-Time Friend’s Daughter Creeps People Out White House Confirms Sony Hack Is "National Security" Matter, Merits "Approporiate Response" FBI, Los Angeles police recover nine stolen paintings worth $10 million Ohio police use pepper spray on crowd lined up for Air Jordans TENNESSEE CITY OUTLAWS FIRST AMENDMENT MN STATE REP WANTS $329,000 REFUND FROM JONATHAN GRUBER FOR WORK WITH ‘BEYOND LAUGHABLE’ ERROR RATES UTAH DEMANDS FEDS SURRENDER LANDS BY DEC. 31 No Charges For California Officer Caught With 5 Pounds Of Marijuana Hollywood Slams Controversial Decision to Shelve 'The Interview' Boston Marathon bombing suspect appears in court

Economic News

There Is Hope In Understanding That A Great Economic Collapse Is Coming Junk Bonds Are Going To Tell Us Where The Stock Market Is Heading In 2015 Everything You Need To Know About The Russian Economy Collapse Monsanto’s Stock Downgraded As Sales Crash: Is Activism Responsible? The Fracturing Energy Bubble Is the New Housing Crash MKS: 39 Tonnes Of Gold Reportedly Bought During Chinese Trading Day SWISS NATIONAL BANK WILL CUT INTEREST RATE TO MINUS 0.25% Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine

Science & Technology

Estimated 1M mummified bodies found in Egyptian necropolis, some 7ft tall Amazon Unveils One-Hour Delivery Service German researchers discover a flaw that could let anyone listen to your cell calls Fungi Farm Prototype Turns Waste Plastic into Edible Treats Blast-Off! India Launches Prototype Crew Capsule | Video ‘Spear phished’: Hackers attack internet overlord ICANN The Evidence That North Korea Hacked Sony Is Flimsy “Pre-Crime” Software Can Tell Police Who Will Commit A Crime Based In Part on Social Media Posts LA To San Fran In 35 Minutes? Hyperloop CEO Says Speed Tube Could Become Reality

Health News

Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud – investigation Bill Gates' human experimentation with GM bananas in Africa condemned by scientists Reboot Your Life: 20 Mental Barriers You Should Let Go Of A New Deficiency Implicated in Many Diseases: Antiviral Mannose-Binding Lectin Obama Increases Allowable Levels of Radiation in Drinking Water ‘Dramatically’ Animals instinctively turn to natural medicine to improve their health Big food corporations committing massive organic fraud - investigation Sierra Leone cancels Christmas as Ebola virus ravages country Vermont Abandons Single-Payer Health Care Plan

Energy & Environment

Families Flee Out-of-Control Fracking Gas Leak Senior Official says UK’s oil industry close to collapse

Home, Farm & Garden

10 Tips for a Naturally Bug-Free Garden Transforming A Suburban Property: Early Projects

Housing News

Ditech to offer 97% LTV loans Is your housing market on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Countrywide whistleblower will receive $57 million Is your housing market on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Fannie Mae explains 6 ways to push borrowers to refi

Weird, Funny & Good News

Santa Robs Bank, Slips Into Huge Crowd of Santas Is The Queen About To Give Up Her Throne In Historic Christmas Broadcast? Viral Pic of Bill Clinton Creeping on Long-Time Friend’s Daughter Creeps People Out

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You Are Cold – Are you now more likely to Catch A Cold?

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