Law Enforcement

Stewart Rhodes - Oathkeepers

Show Info 5-11-2015 – News, Guest Stewart Rhodes

In the second hour JD is joined by the founder of the Oath Keepers, Stuart Rhodes for an in depth discussion about exactly what the Oath taken by Law Enforcement, Civil servants and Military personnel actually means. Stuart also brings up to speed on the fight between BLM and the Sugar Pine Mine brewing in Josephine County, Oregon. Which side of history are you going to stand on?

Commander Dale Brown

Show Info 3-09-2015 – News, Guest Dale Brown

In the second hour JD is joined by Commander Dale Brown of the Detroit Threat Management Center to discuss his organization, their historical success and the difference between his private armed security personnel and traditional municipal law enforcement officers. His organization is a perfect example of why proper training and altruistic intentions can and should be used to refine law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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