Show Info 12-15-2014 – News, Guest Fernando ‘FerFAL’ Aguirre

Show Info 12-15-2014 – News, Guest Fernando ‘FerFAL’ Aguirre

12-15-2014 - News, Guest Fernando 'FerFAL' Aguirre

Second Hour Guest

Fernando 'FerFAL' AguirreIn the second hour, JD is joined by Fernando FerFAL Aguirre to discuss his approach to suvivalism which he has been perfecting since seeing the socio-economic collapse of Argentina first hand. Fernando shares tips and tricks from his website “The Modern Survivalist” and his two books on survival prep and bugging out.

Fernando ‘FerFAL’ Aguirre is a modern survival author that has lived through the 2001 socio-economic collapse of Argentina. He’s recognized in the survival and preparedness community for his first-hand experience and practical approach to survivalism.

He published his first book “The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse” in 2009 and is the editor of “The Modern Survivalist” website. Fernando bugged out of Argentina in 2011 and now resides in Ireland with his wife and two children. Fernando has recently published his second book, ” Bugging Out and Relocating: When Staying Put is not an Option “.


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First Hour News with JD for December 15, 2014

World News

Spain passes anti-protest bill, to considerable protest,_to_considerable_protest/39912/0/38/38/Y/M.html

A Chinese city is burning money for power instead of coal

Hong Kong Police Arrest Last Protesters, Clearing Umbrella Movement Occupation,_Clearing_Umbrella_Movement_Occupation/39908/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Ukraine’s Anti-Nazi Partisans: Sabotage & Suicide-Bombings’s_Anti-Nazi_Partisans:_Sabotage_&_Suicide-Bombings/39901/0/38/38/Y/M.html

EU says Ukraine ‘government cleansing’ law not in line with bloc’s principles

China offers military help to Iraq to defeat ISIS – report

British troops to return to Iraq next month to fight ISIS

CIA torture is reason for France to exit NATO – Le Pen

Romanian ex-spy chief acknowledges CIA had ‘black prisons’ in country


Spain passes tough new ‘anti-protest’ law

Thousands of protestors flood Polish opposition demo

Heartbreaking: N. Korea Doing Weapon Chemical Testing on Disabled

US News

It’s Not Just Conspiracy Theorists: This CIA Whistleblower Backs Up Claims ISIS (And Ebola) Were Made In The USA

Two Reporters Fired By Fox News For Exposing Monsanto!

Drone-only: US Army builds $33mn UAV airport in Texas

Georgia Man Killed in Drug Raid Was Face Down When Shot in Head, Says Family’s Lawyer

ALERT — U.N. sending thousands of Muslims to America

Ferguson to Increase Ticket Fine Collection by “About a Million” Dollars

Video: Ferguson Witness 23 Year Old Shawn Grey Found Dead

Victory: Congress ends war on medical marijuana

Oversight Committee hits Jonathan Gruber with a subpoena for ObamaCare documents


Lois Lerner emails show DOJ and IRS were working together

H. R. 5344 Responsible Body Armor Possession Act – To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions.

U.S. won’t stop Native Americans from growing, selling pot on their lands

Economic News

New York Times on Benefits of Gold in Currency Wars

On the Brink of War and Economic Collapse — Paul Craig Roberts

The Aftermath Of The Great 2014 Oil Crash “A Textbook Macroeconomic Shock”

This is a MAJOR Warning Signal That the Bubble Just Burst

LIKE CLOCKWORK: Pension plans to be looted nationwide as Congress okays institutional theft of funds

Is Russia Selling Its Gold Reserves?



Crude Oil – Electronic (NYMEX)

Science & Technology

Navy testing ‘Bluefin Tuna’ spy drone

China Tests Supersonic Missile That Could Reach US For Third Time In A Week

Living under sea: Japanese visionaries unveil underwater city plan

Wunderkind Elon Musk: Pneumatic Railroad For 14,000 Mile-An-Hour Travel Completely Open Source

Photos: Spectacular Color Maps of Saturn’s Moons by Cassini

Robot bartender can make you a drink in under 5 seconds

Spy Drone hacks WiFi networks, listens to calls

Peacekeeper: Free Smartphone App Creates Community Response Service

‘Invisible’ air umbrella project raises over $30k on Kickstarter

Health News

A Viciously Honest Coke Commercial You’ll Never See

This Mineral Found to Reduce ‘All Cause Mortality’ Dramatically

Shedding Light On The DARK Act

110-Year-Old Man Reveals The 5 Foods Responsible For His Flawless Health

$6.1 Million Ruling: Truvia Sweetener is Really Not ‘All Natural’

Count chemicals, not calories


A Century Ago: Rockefellers Funded Eugenics Initiative to Sterilize 15 Million Americans

You Want To Vaccinate My Child? No Problem, Just Sign This Form

Energy & Environment

Secret Homeland Report Warns Solar Storm Could Leave 100 Million Without Power

DHS: Sun storm threatens 100 million Americans

Magazine Editor’s Final Words: Fukushima exponentially more dire than Chernobyl

Russia Rejects South Steam Pipeline Through Europe

Lima climate change talks reach global warming agreement

The Amazon oil spills overlooked by environmental leaders in Lima

Home, Farm & Garden

The Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide For Preppers

Farm Your Yard: Put your garden to bed for the winter

Urban Community Green Spaces

Land-Buying and House-Building Advice: A Roundup of Reader Tips

How to Start a One-Acre, Self-Sustaining Homestead

Housing News

Should a federal health program pay to house L.A.’s homeless?

Housing costs outstrip incomes, putting Colorado economy at risk

5 Reasons Housing May Be Headed For Trouble

Weird, Funny & Good News

Watch Chris Rock Expose Government Drug Dealing and Mock Big Pharma!

Walmart cashier uses own money for elderly man who couldn’t afford groceries

Ex-judge convicted of planting drugs on woman

Featured Video

VIDEO: Compassionate Cop Buys Truckload of Food for Starving Family After Catching Mother Trying to Steal Eggs to Feed Kids

Video: Time Lapse Video Shows Massive Amount of People who Protested Police Brutality

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