Show Info 11-28-2014 – JD’s News, Guest Chris Geo

Show Info 11-28-2014 – JD’s News, Guest Chris Geo

11-28-2014 - JD's News, Guest Chris Geo

Second Hour Guest

In the second hour, JD is joined by Chris Geo. JD and Chris will talk about Black Friday, greed, and consciousness evolution. (There are less deaths this year than any other year.)

Chris GeoThey will also discuss how the planet is shifting and awareness is growing bigger. And how all of the plans like the invasion of Iran and Syria are being halted.

Truth Frequency Radio

Chris Geo is a veteran broadcasters syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network and the program directors of Truth Frequency Radio. Both born and raised in Texas, Chris & Sheree founded Truth Frequency as a weekly radio show which has since grown into a full time network featuring an incredible team of first class hosts. Chris & Sheree are a wealth of information and their combined knowledge of geo-politics, eugenics, economics, alternative history, the occult, and ancient texts and artifacts really brings together the big picture.

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First Hour News with JD for November 28, 2014

World News

French Political Leader Wants Gold Back In France

Venezuela to charge opposition leader over alleged plot to kill Maduro

Yatsenyuk Warns of War as He Is Voted Ukraine’s Premier

Waving the Palestinian Flag at Protests to Be Illegal Under Israel’s New Anti-Terror Plan

Iraqi warplanes kill ISIS commander of Heet and 22 of his aides

Taliban attack upscale neighborhood in Kabul

Israel says foiled Hamas plans for Jerusalem attacks

Mexico leader plans to dissolve local police forces

NATO wrestles with new fast-reaction force prompted by Ukraine crisis

US News

Another Banker Death: MassMutual Senior Vice President found dead, stabbed in chest in apparent homicide

Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury

Is ‘professor’ who helped with Michael Brown autopsy who he says he is?

Seattle protester arrested with weapons cache

Reckless move: The NY Times publishes Darren Wilson’s address

Texas’ high court rules warrantless blood draws unconstitutional

Video Shows Cleveland Cop Shoot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Within Seconds

WikiLeaks founder: Google works for US State Department

Alleged plot included bombing Arch, killing St. Louis County prosecutor, Ferguson chief

Congress CAN pull financial rug from under Obama’s immigration amnesty

Economic News

Jim Willie: Dollar to Rise…Right Before it Dies!

Western Union Faces Backlash Over Removal of Spoof Bitcoin Ad

Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers

Kiev shuts down banking system in rebel-held east Ukraine

Germany Warns Wrecking Russian Economy Would Be Perilous

Oil prices plummet as OPEC decides against output cut

Will the Swiss go for gold?

Science & Technology

Monster Sunspot May Unleash Powerful Solar Flares (Video)

This RC Carbon Fiber Glider Looks Like a Stealthy Paper Airplane

Twitter starts peeking at the other apps on your phone

“Body recognition” compares with fingerprint ID

Global websites hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

Flying robots to start serving in restaurants by end-2015

‘Off switch’ for pain discovered

On the Trail of an Ancient Mystery

Health News

E-cigarettes contain 10 times the carcinogens of regular tobacco – study

9 Sneaky Additives to Avoid at Your Thanksgiving Dinner

M.D. Reveals 6 Real-Life Health Transformations Using Real Food

Vaccines Don’t Work: Malignant Mumps In MMR Vaccinated Children

Fat to blame for half a million cancers a year, WHO agency says

Four polio vaccinators shot dead in SW Pakistan

Celiac disease showing up in many forms and at all ages

Researchers discover ‘pre-cancers’ in blood

Energy & Environment

Climate chaos: Extreme weather will wreak havoc in Britain – study

Thanksgiving Storm Leaves 428K in Darkness From West Virginia to Vermont

Deforestation dropped 18% in Brazil’s Amazon over past 12 months

Home, Farm & Garden

Common Core Concerns Lead to Homeschool Increase

A Quick Guide to Reclaiming Your Garden’s Soil

10 dream homes for hermits

How to prevent frozen pipes in your home

Housing News

IMF Finds Signs of Overvaluation in Canada’s Housing Market

Affordable and luxury housing sectors heat up in the Bronx

Weird, Funny & Good News

10 Forgotten Truths To Help You Get Through Hard Times

Rare Shakespeare volume discovered in French library

Featured Video

Shocking mistake in Darren Wilson grand jury

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