This Apple has a Built-in FIZZ

This Apple has a Built-in FIZZ: Experts Create Sparkling Fruit that Bubbles

By Jonathan O’Callaghan

The world’s first ‘sparkling’ apple that fizzes in the mouth when eaten has been created.

Huge cells in the flesh of the brand new variety called Paradis Sparkling, release effervescent juices that is akin to having a mouthful of fizzy drink.

Apple has a Built-in FIZZThe sensation is only experienced when the apple is bitten into and its juices are not sparkling when pressed.

The new breed has taken years to perfect. One of the two varieties used to breed the new apple is called Resi, an East German specimen known for its sweet texture.

After being allowed easier access to the East German apple, a Swiss fruit nursery visited the former Soviet Bloc country to breed it with the variety Pirouette.

The experts from the family firm Lubera spent years perfecting the breed until they achieved the fizziness of the Paradis Sparkling apple.

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