You Think You Own Your Home, But Your Mortgage Could Be Compromised

You Think You Own Your Home, But Your Mortgage Could Be Compromised

By Robert Smith | Red Pill Reports

(RedPillReports) The essence of American prosperity is our God-endowed Liberty and the opportunity of property ownership guaranteed to us. Having your own piece of land and carving out a life for you and your family by the sweat of your brow is an ethic we all honor and respect. In fact it is sacred. The laws of this country have historically protected these ideals. The Constitutional foundation of the United States of America is the highest written expression of Law dreamed of by the freedom-starved patriots of centuries past. It is our people’s greatest inheritance. Even more to the point – it IS the “American Dream.” As you are reading this article a cabal of demons is stealing these values, and possibly your future, and they must be stopped. Greg Morse has a plan to do just that. Greg often says; “it’s not about activism, it’s about actionism!” It’s time we take action now. Let me give you some background.

The ability to manipulate money and control its issuance is power almost beyond belief. In the early 1970’s, as the American dollar fully abandoned its colonial ties to gold and silver, our financial system fully opened itself to the dangers our founding fathers warned us about. The most direct coming from Thomas Jefferson;

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

You Think You Own Your Home, But Your Mortgage Could Be CompromisedIn 1972, about the same time the U.S. was going completely off the gold standard, MERS INC was formed. By a distortion of corporate and trust law MERS INC was designed to take the stock market principles of securitization and apply them to American’s most important asset-their home. The real economic hub of the American Family became subject to manipulation of third parties who were not involved in the original mortgage transaction and had financial interests above and beyond the simple mortgage contract. Main Street America was turned into a Vegas casino. The true consequence of this would not be understood by its victims until decades later. Most still don’t know. Unfortunately, their ignorance can destroy our country.

MERS INC (Mortgage Electronic Registration System) was a computer based system which took promissory notes and turned them into financial assets traded on the Stock Market. No longer did banks hold the notes in their vaults and register all transfers of ownership and accountability with county recorders. They were registered electronically in Wall Street computers. Now series of notes could be bundled into complicated pools and sold throughout the world like IBM stock. Entities not involved in the home purchase whatsoever now had their financial hooks in the matter and had a vested interest in what happened to your home. You may ask, so what? I still got my house and I still make my payment. By the end of this article you surely will feel different.

Over the last several years, as the housing market was imploding, we heard countless horror stories from homeowners. Imagine you work for 30 years and wrote that check to pay for your mortgage every month…360 times. At the end of this burdensome contract you felt free. Or so you thought. Now imagine you went to the title company to get a clear title…to get an official looking certificate with those magical words DEED on the top, your home’s address below and then your name. True home ownership.   Now imagine a serious and thorough man comes out of his Title office and tells you, “we cannot certify a clear title for your home.” What would you do?

A week later, after you were still trying to work through the title problems, imagine a scruffy man in a ratty car driving up to your house, walking to your front door with papers in his hand. Instead of knocking he quickly walks away. Curious, you open the door as he leaves. On your door is a paper hanging there by masking tape reading “NOTICE OF TRUSTEE SALE.” This has to be a mistake, you say to yourself still in shock. It isn’t. Your address and name is on the paper. It announces a lawyer is going to sell your house in a month from last Tuesday. Everything you have worked for has just been destroyed and you have just been resigned to indentured servitude by “legal” means.

Let me explain what just happened…The county recorder has the sacred responsibility to record all property records. This includes transfers of ownership and all interest in houses. One of the most important reasons pilgrims fled Europe for America was the real possibility of land ownership. They were tired of being “serfs” and risked their life to a King on their own land. The recording system was uniquely American and set up long ago as a protection and equitable means to account for property ownership. It guaranteed you owned what was yours.

With MERS the recording is now done in the banks registry away from the impartial eyes of a publicly elected county recorder. The transactions involving your “note” are done in secret and without oversight. Once the banks fraudulently took control of the Promissory notes(mortgage) attached to your houses they also found “creative” ways to leverage them.

If a bank loans money (which is really a false premise to begin with we don’t quite have time to discuss in this article)and responsibly holds the note in their vaults waiting to return it to you after your last payment, and properly records the transaction with the recorder, then it has reached the end of its financial benefit to the bank. If they can take the notes and separate them from the property themselves and use them as a financial asset to be traded and bundled then the potential is endless. Now imagine banks take thousands of these notes and put them into the ownership of a shell company called ABC FINANCIAL. Now imagine ABC is a public company that can be traded on the stock market. Now picture thousands of investors and retirement accounts looking todiversify into the historic safety of the 30 year mortgage. To do so they buy stock in ABC FINANCIAL. Then imagine the banks create other companies which own the SAME notes and sell stock in that company also. So I ask you, who owns the interest in your house? Who has the legal responsibility to provide clean title back to you when you make your last payment? Can clean title be provided at all? Who has the authority, if any, to foreclose if you cannot meet your payment obligations?

The answers to these questions are the heart of the biggest nightmare in private property ownership America has ever seen. A cloud has been cast over the heart of what makes America great. Allowing the banks to take leeway with our property has produced one of the largest Ponzi schemes in the history of the world and I am being conservative. Do you think this doesn’t affect you? You might be surprised. Part of Greg’s mission is to empower homeowners to learn what is going on with their own mortgage. You can go to Learn  If Your Mortgage Is Compromised and find out now.

The scenario I just described is hardly fiction, but has been played out in courtrooms all over our country. Banking institutions have paid BILLIONS in fines for their nefarious schemes but still they put a TRUSTEE SALE notice on your door, whether you have paid your mortgage or not. Why?

The short answer is because we let them. The reality is, if their MERS scheme is allowed to operate then true chain of title is forever broken and countless of entities can come forward and claim interest in your house. Upon proper accounting of your chain of title through MERS there is NO TITLE COMPANY WORTH ITS SALT THAT CAN HONESTLY GIVE YOU CLEAR TITLE TO YOUR DEED WHEN YOUR MORTGAGE IS COMPLETED. The only solution is to break this cabal of financial demons and restore honesty to our recording system.

If this wasn’t shocking enough the proceeds from these schemes are used to create greater schemes. Why wouldn’t they. If they got away with it to begin with why wouldn’t they just continue? In reality they can’t stop. If they did the cascade of financial repercussions from this plot, which are always running just a step behind the banks and you, the homeowner, will come crashing in on everybody connected.   If the music ever stops somebody is going to be left without a chair. I’ll give you 3 guesses who will be left holding the bag when the rats start jumping off a sinking ship. The first 2 don’t count…the ones who will really suffer are YOU and ME! When the banking industry successfully petitioned the Congress to “bail them out” in 2008 they put aquasi-seal of approval on everything they had done to us and further emboldened them to continue. The grand secret these criminal banking organizations are hell-bent on keeping from us is this: All the mortgages they bundle are insured to the max against default. Two, the banks often make 5- 10X profit on the face value of the note by securitization and bundling through stock offerings. Every mortgage done this way has been paid for many times over. Further, with such large insurance waiting for you to stop paying your mortgage the banks have a vested interest in encouraging your default.

With exquisite detail Greg Morse has followed the trail of breadcrumbs that leads to the heart of this menagerie.   On his website Greg gives countless information and resources to explain this mess. He plans to reveal the whole heart of the matter with all its warts. You cannot ignore this man’s research. He also has a solution. He calls on every American with the common decency and moral sense to see the blatant sin and robbery going on to sign a petition and write letters to demand a Congressional hearing. If you can’t have the courage to at least do that how will we ever stop this nightmare? Support Greg now or the next shoe to drop just may be the American way of life and the warnings of our Founding Fathers will be broadcast in plain sight.

Can you picture Greg rolling trunks full of court-worthy documents proving what I have just described? If you thought the Iran-Contra hearings were full of fireworks then imagine the bankers hauled in front of Congress to account for their actions. WOW! Certainly more to come on this perpetuating story.Hold on to your hats for the next shoe to drop.

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