Sky Cults and UFO Encounters in Ancient Egypt

Sky Cults and UFO Encounters in Ancient Egypt

By Xaviant Haze | Red Pill Reports

Sky Cults and UFO Encounters in Ancient Egypt

We do not need to look back five thousand years or more to find evidence of humanity’s perplexity concerning metallic vehicles roaming the sky. A phenomenon anthropologists call “cargo cults” began to appear in remote South Pacific islands after the end of World War II. Aboriginal Indians formed these sky cults after being showered with material gifts by American and Japanese pilots. These islanders had never seen airplanes before. So imagine the shock and joy at seeing a loud bomber fly by and drop boxes full of food and other goods. Then imagine their confusion once the planes vanished and the goods stopped falling from heaven. In 1871 the Russian baron Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay and his fellow explorers became the first white settlers in Madang, New Guinea. When they arrived in their mammoth steamships, the native black Indian population somehow believed the Russians were their long-dead ancestors, now returning as gods. The baron impressed the natives with “magical” inventions like dynamite, chewing gum, and lanterns. After the Russians left, the natives prayed for their return, and finally, in 1884 more white men came ashore. The smiling faces of the natives didn’t last long as the Indians quickly learned that these strangers didn’t bring any goods. The German settlers rounded up the natives and put them to work on their newly formed plantations. The Indians would eventually rebel against their taskmasters but found that they were no match for another “magical” invention the white man had developed—the Winchester fast-reloading rifle.

Over a period of decades, progress between the black native islanders and white missionaries and industrialists from various countries began to sour race relations in the remote South Pacific islands. Most native islanders believed that white men inside a volcano somewhere in Australia were holding their gods hostage. These beliefs continued until World War II, when the Japanese began occupying most of the Pacific islands. Showered with goods, the islanders now believed that the Japanese were going to rescue their gods and drive away the whites from the islands.

The Japanese were happy to go along with these beliefs, considering that they were fighting for their lives against the Allied forces. After being given weapons, the native population was ready to attack any foreign troops not wearing Japanese uniforms. Their enemies were now wearing GI camouflage, and they were preferably white. Imagine how awestruck and disoriented they must have been after watching John Frum’s American fighter plane skid recklessly across the ground, smashing through palms and low-lying brush until safely halting after sliding across miles of jungle grass. With smoke billowing from the plane’s engines, Frum emerged from the cockpit. The natives ran up to the smoldering plane and stared curiously at Frum. After climbing out of the plane, John Frum pulled off his helmet, revealing African features similar to those of the local Indians. John Frum was an African-American fighter pilot; to the black native islanders, this was a huge revelation.

Once the islanders saw Frum as a hero and his plane as a symbol of a sky cult, it didn’t take long for a cult to grow up around him. Frum initially gave out candy bars and socialized with the natives until he was rescued. After he promised to return and then never appeared again, the islanders turned John Frum into a deity. The cult of Frum began to take hold right after the war ended. The natives constructed bamboo radio shacks, complete with wooden antennas and vines to represent electric cables. In these shacks they repeated phrases they must have heard during the war, including popular military jargon like, “Roger, Foxtrot, Bravo, Over and out.”

They even made a landing strip and built replica airplanes out of palms and straw and have yearly celebrations dedicated to John Frum’s return, where they paint USA on their chests and hoist a stick representing the American flag opposite the bamboo rifles slung over their shoulders.

The modern sky cult sheds light on the many psychological elements underlying how we have always viewed unfamiliar technological devices. If primitive natives had trouble understanding World War II bomber planes in the 1940s, then how can we expect ancient humans not to have had the same problems? When the South Pacific natives failed to understand how airplanes worked, it prompted them to worship the airplane. This is tied to our ancient belief in magic, and a desire to relegate something that we don’t understand to the supernatural realms. The sky cult seen in modern times makes it easier for us to understand what the ancients were describing thousands of years ago.

2What is known today as The Egyptian Book of the Dead was called by the ancient Egyptians Reu nu pert em hru, commonly translated as, “The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day.” This book was an important guide, full of funerary rites and instructions in preparing ancient Egyptians for life after death. But it was only made available during a later period of history, when the priesthood began selling this “How to Survive the Underworld” manual. Once the priests discovered how much money people were willing to pay for access to the afterlife, a cycle of mass control through religion was started that continues to the present day. The Egyptian Book of the Dead contains some of the world’s oldest written knowledge and goes far deeper than just simple spells and old time remedies. Collections of funerary chapters first appeared in Egyptian tombs around 1600 BCE. The most famous example of this, the Papyrus of Ani, is now kept in excellent condition at the British Museum in London. This famous papyrus represents a small portion of the museum’s massive archives of Egyptian texts. Many sections of The Book of the Dead have never been seen publicly and are up to 3,500 years old. Yet we do not have scholars poring madly over these documents round-the-clock in an attempt to decipher them. Considering that over 70 percent of ancient Egypt still sleeps under the hot desert sands, and that the indigenous teachings of Egypt are different from those found in the European translations of the past few hundred years, most scholars acknowledge that we only know 30 percent of its contents, at best. There is certainly plenty of room for growth. Despite the different translations, the overall core of the Egyptian texts can still be properly decoded.

Our search for clues that lead to the ancient astronaut theory in Egypt begins with the translations made by respected Egyptian linguist E. A. Wallis Budge in the book Egyptian Literature Comprising Egyptian Tales, Hymns, Litanies, Invocations, the Book of the Dead and Cuneiform Writings, published in 1901.5 Below are varied descriptions of spaceships that can be found in Egyptian writing. The mainstream view is that these are merely different kinds of boats that are meant to float on water. But if the ancient Egyptians saw the Nile as the Milky Way, then why not assume that they’re talking about celestial boats, rather than boats traversing the water? Obviously, Egyptians had boats to sail on, but given the extreme antiquity and importance of their writing, it seems more logical that they are describing scenes involving ancient space platoons, possibly older than those that visited during the days of Rama and Ezekiel.

Reading with our twenty-first-century minds, we will find the quotes below (from Budge’s book, cited above) both poetic and clear. These early Egyptian writings, especially the ones concerned with the gods hiding in their space stations or ports, are also, without a doubt, describing fast-moving jets and space vehicles able to travel to the stars:

May the soul of Osiris Ani, the triumphant one, come forth with thee into heaven, may he go forth in the Motet boat. May he come into port in the Sektet boat, and may he cleave his path among the never-resting stars in the heavens.

(Hymn to Ra: Papyrus of Ani No.10,470, sheet 20)

Thou passest over the sky, and every face watcheth thee and thy course, for thou hast been hidden from their gaze. Thou dost shew thyself at dawn and at eventide day by day. The Sektet boat, wherein is thy Majesty, goeth forth with might; thy beams [shine] upon [all] faces; [the number] of thy red and yellow rays cannot be known, nor can thy bright beams be told. The lands of the gods, and the eastern lands of Punt must be seen, ere that which is hidden [in thee] may be measured. Alone and by thyself thou dost manifest thyself [when] thou comest into being above Nu [i.e., the sky].”

(Hymn to Ra: Papyrus of Ani No. 10,470, sheet 20)

The hidden places adore thee, the aged ones make offerings unto thee, and they create for thee protecting powers. The divine beings who dwell in the eastern and western horizons transport thee, and those who are in the Sektet boat convey thee round and about.”

(Hymn to the Setting Sun: Papyrus of Mut-hetep No. 10,010, sheet 5)

Here’s a verse that describes our “divine” alien ancestors lifting off and creating a billow of smoke and fire, in a scene similar to a NASA rocket launch:

I am the oar made ready for rowing, wherewith Ra transported the boat containing the divine ancestors, and lifted up the moist emanations of Osiris from the Lake of Fire, and he was not burned.

(Preservation from Scalding: Papyrus of Nu No. 10,477, sheet 12)

There’s an astonishing verse about the God Osiris dwelling in what appears to be a scientific chamber for the purpose of cloning. Our knowledge of stem cells and DNA cloning has reached the point where we can read the verse below with a whole new understanding. Whether or not this hypothesis is too far-out to believe still doesn’t take away the staggering and unmatched quality of the poetry:

I have sat in the birth-chamber of Osiris, and I was born with him, and I renew my youth along with him . . . I fill the office of priest in the regions above, and I write down there [the things] which make strong the heart . . . I snuff the wind of the East by his head, and I lay hold upon the breezes of the West thereby . . . I go round about heaven in the four quarters thereof.

(Beating Back the Crocodile: Papyrus of Nu No. 10,477, sheet 5)

Here is one of the most profound and mysterious descriptions of alien visitation ever written. Excerpted from Budge’s Egyptian Literature, it is visually and mentally stimulating, alluding to cloning as well as offering an understanding of the time lapses that occur during long celestial voyages:

I am he who cometh forth, advancing, whose name is unknown. I am Yesterday, and Seer of millions of years is my name. I pass along the paths of the divine celestial judges. I am the lord of eternity, and I decree and I judge like the god Khepera. I am the lord of the Ureret crown. I am he who dwelleth in the Utchat [and in the Egg, in the Utchat and in the Egg, and it is given unto me to live [with] them. I am he that dwelleth in the Utchat when it closeth, and I exist by the strength thereof. I come forth and I shine; I enter in and I come to life. I am in the Utchat], my seat is upon my throne, and I sit in the abode of splendor (?) before it. I am Horus and [I] traverse millions of years . . . I open the door in heaven, I govern my throne, and I open up [the way] for the births [which take place] on this day. I am (?) the child who marcheth along the road of Yesterday. [I am] To-day for untold nations and peoples. I am he who protecteth you

for millions of years, and whether ye be denizens of the heavens, or of the Earth, or of the south, or of the north, or of the east, or of the west, the fear of me is in your bodies. I am he whose being has been moulded in his eye, and I shall not die again. My moment is in your bodies, but my forms are in my place of habitation. I am he who cannot be known, but the Red Ones have their faces directed toward me. I am the unveiled one.”

(Abolishing the Slaughterings: Papyrus of No. 10,477, sheet 6)

4 5

Here, again from Budge’s book, are more descriptions of space fleets and their divine commanders, who not only have mastered the art of cloning and space travel but also know how to keep themselves hidden from humanity:

I am Yesterday, To-day, and To-morrow, [and I have] the power to be born a second time; [I am] the divine hidden Soul who createth the gods, and who giveth sepulchral meals unto the denizens of the Tuat (underworld), Amentet, and heaven. [I am] the rudder of the east, the possessor of two divine faces wherein his beams are seen. I am the lord of the men who are raised up; [the lord] who cometh forth from out of the darkness, and whose forms of existence are of

the house wherein are the dead. Hail, ye two hawks who are perched upon your resting-places, who hearken unto the things which are said by him, who guide the bier to the hidden place, who lead along Ra, and who follow [him] into the uppermost place of the shrine which is in the celestial heights! I am the divine envoy [?] of the house of him that dwelleth in his possessions, and I have come from Sekhem to Annu to make known to the Bennu bird therein concerning

the events of the Tuat [underworld]. Let me journey on in peace; let me pass over the sky; let me adore the radiance of the splendor [which is in] my sight; let me soar like a bird to see the companies [?] of the Khus in the presence of Ra day by day, who vivifieth every human being that walketh upon the regions which are upon the earth.

(Coming Forth by Day: Papyrus of Nebseni No.9,900, sheets 23 and 24) (See plate 10.)

This verse contains astounding technical descriptions and is packed with words that can only be referring to space-age vehicles. Note also the references to cloning:

I have risen, I have risen like the mighty hawk [of gold] that cometh forth from his egg; I fly and I alight like the hawk which hath a back four cubits wide, and the wings of which are like unto the mother-of-emerald of the south. I have come forth from the interior of the Sektet boat, and my heart hath been brought unto me from the mountain of the east. I have alighted upon the Atet boat, and those who were dwelling in their companies have been brought unto me, and they bowed low in paying homage unto me and in saluting me with cries of joy. I have risen, and I have gathered myself together like the beautiful hawk of gold, which hath the head of a Bennu bird, and Ra entereth in day by day to hearken unto my words; I have taken my seat among those firstborn gods of Nut.

(Of Performing Transformations: Papyrus of Nu No.10,477, sheet 10)

6Behold me now, for I make this mighty boat to travel over the Lake of Hetep, and I brought it away with might from the palace of Shu; the domain of his stars groweth young and reneweth its former strength. I have brought the boat into the lakes thereof so that I may come forth into the cities thereof, and I have sailed into their divine city Hetep. The god Horus maketh himself to be strong like unto the Hawk which is one thousand cubits in length and two thousand [cubits in width] in life; he hath equipments with him, and he journeyeth on and cometh where the seat of his heart wisheth in the Pools thereof and in the cities thereof. He was begotten in the birth-chamber of the god of the city, he hath offerings [made unto him] of the food of the god of the city, he performeth that which it is meet to do therein, and the union thereof, in the matter of everything of the birth-chamber of the divine city. When [he] setteth in life like crystal he performeth everything therein, and these things are like unto the things which are done in the Lake of double fire, wherein there is none that rejoiceth, and wherein are all manner of evil things. The god Hetep goeth in, and cometh out, and goeth backward [in] that Field which gathereth together all manner of things for the birth-chamber of the god of the city.

(Of Sekhet-Hetepet: Papyrus of Nebseni No. 9,900, sheet 17)

There’s a curious verse that appears to describe a first-person narrative of witnessing a spaceship and implies that this individual was taken on a space flight, or was allowed to fly along with a fleet. A peculiarly stated word in the last line suggests that ancient apes’ DNA and ours might have been experimented with at some point in the past. It’s no secret that our DNA has much in common with primates’. For the ancient Egyptians to refer to apes as being divine reflects their knowledge of humankind’s genome:

[Hail], ye bright and shining flames that keep your place behind Ra, and which slay behind him, the boat of Ra is in fear of the whirlwind and the storm; shine ye forth, then, and make [ye yourselves] visible. I have come [daily] along with the god Sek-hra from the bight of his holy lake, and I have seen the Maat [goddesses] pass along, and the lion-gods who belong unto them. I have made a way in front of the boat of Ra, I have lifted myself up into his divine Disk. I am he who dwelleth among the gods, come, let [me] pass onward in the boat, the boat of the lord Sa. Behold, O Heru-ur, there is a flame, but the fire hath been extinguished. I have made [my] road, O ye divine fathers and your divine apes!

(Sailing in the Great Boat: Papyrus of Nu No. 10,477, sheet 28)

7The Litany of Ra is the most esoteric of all the ancient Egyptian writings. The rite specified in this text originated in Thebes from the walls adorning the tombs of the pharaohs and maybe one-quarter has been discovered. Edouard Naville translated these passages from texts published in France in 1875 and today housed in the British Museum:

Homage to thee, Ra! Supreme power, the only one, the courageous one, who fashions his body, he who calls his gods [to life], when he arrives in his hidden sphere . . . Supreme power, he who shines when he is in his sphere, who sends his darkness into his sphere, and who hides what it contains . . . he who lights the bodies which are on the horizon, he who enters his sphere . . . he who descends into the spheres of Ament, his form is that of Turn . . . the urn of the creatures, the only one, that unites the generative substances, its form is that of Horus . . . the brilliant one who shines in the waters of the inundation, his form is that of Nun and comes forth continually from his highly mysterious cavern . . .The royal Osiris is like one of those who speak in their hidden spheres. God of the disk with the brilliant rays, the brilliant triangle which appears in the shining place . . . he enters into the interior of his white disk, he lights the empyrean with his rays, he creates it, he makes the souls remain in their bodies, they praise him from the height of their pedestal. He receives the acclamations of all the gods who open the doors, the hidden essences who prepare the way for Ra’s soul, and who allow the King of souls access to the fields. He traverses his disk himself.

The lines of this litany contain a wide array of mysterious topics far beyond what we can imagine, let alone what primitive humans could. If we apply what we know about technology today, some of the descriptions in this document appear to be of multiple spaceships working in conjunction with one another to express profound metaphysical poetry, philosophies, scientific equations, and most significant of all an understanding of gene manipulation and cloning techniques. The roots of these pre-dynastic alien mysteries can be traced all the way to the beginning of Egyptian mythology, where a celestial goddess known as Hathor claimed that she was indeed an alien from a distant galaxy.



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