Mortgage Crisis Perpetrators’ Strategy to Destroy Evidence

Mortgage Crisis Perpetrators’ Strategy to Destroy Evidence

By Greg Morse | Red Pill Reports
(Greg Morse’s 2010 prediction originally published Oct. 2010 titled ‘Mortgage Endgame Prediction’)

This Strategy Will Be Used By The Perpetrators Of The Mortgage Crisis To Destroy Evidence and Avoid Prosecution For Fraud And Other Criminal Acts

(RedPillReports) A RICO Fraud Enterprise (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act-RICO) is behind, and is the root cause of the Mortgage Crisis and has been administratively implemented by MERSCORP, Inc., Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS), the Shareholders of these two (2) corporate entities and all participating Mortgage Banks, Mortgage Bankers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies and numerous Other Parties who represent the 5,500+ MERS Members who have paid dues and fees to MERS and have pledged to follow the illegal MERS Rules and Regulations in lieu of complying with both State Statutes and Federal Codes.

Mortgage Crisis Perpetrators' Strategy to Destroy Evidence
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This RICO Cabal has destroyed the Statutorily required County Recorder’s Office residential mortgage records on most of the 70+ million mortgages tracked on the MERS System Databases.

This records destruction has occurred because the MERS Rules, which guide, direct and control the actions of MERS Members has instructed those same MERS Members to NOT make the Statutorily required filings in the County Recorder’s Office.

Instead, MERS Members are instructed to make Deed of Trust, Promissory Note and Related filings on the MERS System Databases ONLY and to destroy the Homeowner’s Original Mortgage Documents within thirty (30) days after the Closing of the mortgage transaction.

These Illegal and Criminal acts have the legal effect of Breaking the property’s Chain of Title and rendering the lineage of ownership in the property untraceable, legally Non-perfectible and therefore, legally destroys the value of the property and the Homeowner’s investment.

When Deed of Trust, Promissory Note and Related filings are made on the Private, Non-public, Non-accessible, Undisclosed, Uncontrolled, Non-State approved and Non-Federally approved MERS System Databases, the Homeowner’s critical Chain of Title documents are effectively taken “into the black world of secrecy” such that the MERS System then has the ability, with NO OVERSIGHT from any Official and Legal State or Federal Authority, to Illegally generate mortgage Transfer Assignment documents, without the Homeowner’s or Public’s knowledge, to powerful money interests on Wall Street and in other Financial Centers.

These criminal money interests, most of whom are Shareholders and Board of Director Members of
MERSCORP, Inc. and MERS, then form Illegal Securities called Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) that are fraudulently underwritten by these previously financially destroyed home mortgages.

These RMBS offerings are worthless because the underwriting assets, being the individual home mortgages, are likewise legally worthless.

These illegal Securities spawn from Trusts formed under the laws of New York State and Federal Codes.

These Trusts, of which there appear to be numerous thousands, elect exemptions from Federal Income Tax and become known as Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits or Trust (REMIC)s that, subsequently, are NOT REQUIRED to make Public Reports to any Federal Agency regarding the operations and financial dealings of the Trust (REMIC).

There is NO OVERSIGHT of these Trusts.

It is Securities Fraud under Federal Law to trade these illegal and worthless Securities.

Revenues generated by trading these Illegal Securities are Not Exempt from Federal Income Taxes. These Trust (REMIC) entities have Neither Reported Nor Paid Federal Income Taxes in over a decade.
Trillions of dollars have been generated by the RICO Fraud Enterprise MERS System Members and Others who have had an open playground in which to commit illegally fraudulent and criminal acts with impunity.

Hundreds of billions or trillions of Federal Income Tax dollars have been stolen from the U. S. Treasury by the Participants in this criminal cabal RICO Fraud Enterprise.

All six (6) major U. S. Bank Conglomerates, along with their hundreds of wholly-owned subsidiary masking and diffusing organizations, are up to their individual and collective necks in the Ownership, Management and Control of these Trust (REMIC) entities.

Based on what we, the public, have witnessed since October, 2008, what follows is this writer’s opinion of what you, the Homeowner, can expect to see within the next three (3) years.

Major illegal and criminal enterprises, such as this RICO Fraud Enterprise, know, by design, there will come a time when their jig is up and they, to avoid prosecution, jail time and financial loss must implement an “Exit Strategy.”

This writer believes that the implementation of this, what I am terming, their “Endgame Exit Strategy” is already underway and that the public is simply yet unaware of this reality.

This is what I believe you will see when the “Endgame Exit Strategy” is fully underway.

1. Major Bank and Mortgage Corporations will simultaneously and individually file for Bankruptcy protection in the State of New York since these Trusts were formed under the laws of the State of New York.

2. These Corporations will, with Court approval, seek to Sell Off millions of worthless mortgages for cents on the dollar.

3. Homeowner’s mortgage documents will be either Actually or Effectively destroyed by this Sell Off because history tells us that, when Bankruptcy Sell Offs are conducted, both the buying entity(s) and all records pertaining to that Sell Off purchase of assets is classified as Bankruptcy Remote and the buying entity(s) is/are not susceptible to lawsuit challenge and documentation is no longer Discoverable under Law.

4. This Destruction of Evidence will make the subsequent proving of Securities Fraud and Income Tax Fraud more difficult.

5. Perpetrators will barter legal agreements, which they pay for with your stolen money, to buy “Get Out Of Jail Free” cards from the Federal Justice Department.


You, the Homeowner, will:

1. Struggle and work to pay all your mortgage payments thinking you are buying a home.

2. In fifteen (15) years or thirty (30) years you will be expecting to receive the Original Promissory Note marked “Paid In Full” and a clear and perfectible Deed after you make your last mortgage payment.

3. You will receive Neither since the Deed of Trust was destroyed many years before and you will have NO IDEA who owns the Promissory Note, if it even still exists, and therefore, you will not know who to contact to attempt to obtain the Non-Existent Promissory Note.

4. The Original Mortgage Company you THOUGHT you were dealing with has long since gone out of business, likely through Bankruptcy.

5. Your County Recorder’s Office will have been rendered ineffective and useless due to their Filing Records History having been destroyed by the RICO Fraud Enterprise.

6. You will be incapable of Legally proving a perfectible and enforceable Chain of Title.

7. You will likely have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property to which you are emotionally attached and for which you, at that future time, will be unable to prove a clear, perfectible and total Chain of Title ownership.

8. You will still be held liable for all Property Taxes due on a Property that you do not Legally Own.

9. Selling the Property will become all but impossible since you will be unable to Legally and Ethically pass clear Title of Ownership to a new buyer.

10. You will be at a later stage in life when the last thing you will want to confront is a long, expensive and stressful legal Battle to attempt to perfect your Legal relationship to the property.

11. The Records are Destroyed and whomever you attempt to confront can simply say “We are the 100th organization involved in your property and we never got complete records when we paid cents on the dollar for your property, so we can’t help you.”

12. You will then realize that you have been and, continue to be, a RENTER who has unknowingly been given the privilege of paying all maintenance, improvement, insurance and Tax expenses on a property you DO NOT OWN.

13. At this point, your official legal classification is that of an Involuntarily Indentured Servant.

14. Indentured Servitude is illegal in this Country under Federal Law.

15. Putting off and ignoring the problem will only bring an ever-worsening degree of harm, heartache and financial ruin upon you and your loved ones as each year passes.

16. This writer will not stand quietly by and wake up in thirty (30) years to fight this fight when I am too old to do so.

17. If we, as Americans, do not see a dramatic directional change in the behavior of the U. S. Government in their desire, as proven ONLY by their Actions, to stop this Fraud, hold the perpetrators accountable, legally repair, on a Federal Court level, the millions of broken and destroyed Chains of Title and protect innocent Homeowner victims, this writer will file a Civil RICO Fraud Lawsuit and will go to the mat, and to the U. S. Supreme Court, if necessary and possible, to disclose and fight this LARGEST RICO FRAUD IN RECORDED HISTORY.

18. It is Your Life and Your Family’s Welfare: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?



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