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Roger Sayles –

Roger Sayles is an author, talk radio host and ex-pat living in Argentina by way of Atlanta, Georgia. An authority on citizenship, natural rights and the Constitution, Roger is a regular weekly guest on “Life, Liberty and All That Jazz,” with host Jeff Bennett and Alfred Adask’s “American Independence Hour.”

Roger SaylesHe also appears frequently as a guest on popular patriot radio programs, including; “The Power Hour” with Joyce Riley, “Radio Liberty” with Dr. Stan Monteith, Jack Bauer’s “American Reconstruction Project,” “Freedom Frenzy,” “The Bo and Rocko Show,” “Spingola Speaks” and others.

Roger’s website is a voice for the Constitution and the U.S. Sovereign turned serf by a government gone astray. The United States is only the 2nd country in world history that has allowed man to receive his God-given, natural rights – rights the banksters and the New World Order have tricked you into trading for the legal status of slavery

Book “FROM SOVEREIGN TO SERF – Government by the Treachery and Deception of Words” is written by Roger S. Sayles. His mission is to promote a non-violent revolution against feudal serfdom (slavery) by exposing The Lies and spreading The Truth and by providing peaceful, lawful and easy means to restore our constitutionally protected liberties and take our country back!



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