The Great Unraveling of 2015

The Great Unraveling of 2015

By Richard Sauder | Event Horizon Chronicle

The Great Unraveling of 2015

The coming year, 2015, will be a real humdinger.

Get Ready For Financial Turbulence

For the record, a major, global, financial collapse is now underway. It’s not impending; it’s here. Forget about the “happy talk” propaganda from the USSA government and the lame stream news media in the Western countries. When you understand that at least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day the dire living conditions of the great mass of humanity come into sharp focus. The situation is already very bad for most human beings on this planet. The crisis is highly likely to enter an even more acute phase this year, fraught with peril for many millions of people, after which the global economy will either begin to improve for the great mass of humanity, or the present so-called “global civilization” will be rocked to its very core, and may even outright collapse. We should know which way the trend will tend by this time next year.

At present, there are two major power blocs in the world.

1) The Western-aligned bloc that follows the lead of the USSA, comprising the NATO and European Union countries, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, several of the Arab countries and a sprinkling of other countries, here and there around the world.

2) The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), along with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), comprised of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, with Observer States of India, Iran, Mongolia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,  and Dialogue Partners of Turkey, Belarus and Sri Lanka.

There is also the so-called Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) of 120 member states, and 17 observers. As it happens, most of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s member states, observer states and dialogue partners are member or observer states of the Non-Aligned Movement. Similarly, four out of five of the BRICS states are member or observer states of the Non-Aligned Movement, with Russia being the odd man out.

Canada, the USSA, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Israel belong neither to the NAM, nor the SCO, nor are any of them among the BRICS nations. So in reality, the NAM, while ostensibly being a non-aligned international bloc, has a natural affinity with the BRICS/SCO bloc.

Within NAM there are various, regional organizations such as the Organization of African States, the Arab League, the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), etc. CELAC has 33 member states, which are also members of the NAM. CELAC is, thus, more closely allied with the BFRICS/SCO global, power bloc.

This political reality is reflected in the fact that the next CELAC meeting, in just ten days from now, will be in China. Please note:

Upon mutual agreement, the 1st Ministerial Meeting of the China-CELAC Forum will be held in     Beijing from January 8 to 9, 2015. Foreign ministers and representatives of China and CELAC members will attend the meeting. Leading officials of regional organizations and institutions in Latin America will also sit in on the meeting.

The theme of the meeting will be mutually beneficial cooperation and relations between China and nations of the Latin American-Caribbean region, in the context of a multipolar world. The two days before the meeting begins the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, will be in Beijing for a bi-lateral summit meeting with the Chinese leadership.

Let The Games Begin

That is no accident. Ecuador will hold the rotating presidency of CELAC in 2015. As Ecuadorean head of state, Correa will therefore occupy a crucial position of international leadership in 2015. It will not have been lost on the Chinese that Rafael Correa is a PhD economist, whose doctoral work at the University of Illinois had to do with “game theory.” Game theory is concerned with the mathematical modeling of strategic decision-making, including international decision-making. It is widely used and studied in economics, policy making and political science.

Translation: the Chinese and Latin Americans are going to take the USSA to school. It looks like 2015 will be a Chinese chess match, with the theme being inter-regional, global cooperation, on a win-win basis, by the Chinese, Russians, and scores of other nations in CELAC and the NAM.

Contrast this with the hyper-violent, zero-sum, vulture economics, winner-take-all approach of the USSA and its NATO bloc.

This is a classic showdown, that undoubtedly has been well modeled, and much discussed by the Chinese and Russians, and by Rafael Correa and other leaders in the developing world.

Everything is riding on the outcome of this game, perhaps the destiny of humanity itself, owing to the insanity of the power mad maniacs who infest Washington, DC, the City of London, Wall Street, Tel Aviv, and similar loathsome precincts.

In terms of the popular, real-estate-based, board game, Monopoly, we are looking at the last few rolls of the dice. The game will soon be decided, perhaps within the next year. The danger is that the malevolent, power mad lunatics in the Western bloc will unleash nuclear hell, if they perceive that they have lost, or are about to lose, their desperate, irrational gambit that aims to impose a global, totalitarian tyranny on this planet.

Likely Outcome

In all likelihood, CELAC, the BRICS, the SCO and NAM, will prevail in their international gamesmanship, and we will see a severe decline in the global power and meddling of the USSA, the European Union, NATO, Israel, Japan and Australia. Rafael Correa is an economist, and so he will certainly be huddling with the Chinese about how best to take down the USSA’s Federal Reserve Note as the international reserve currency, without, however, unleashing a catastrophic, global, financial apocalypse; not least because Ecuador itself uses the USSA dollar as official legal tender.

But that there will be periods of great, financial instability in 2015, there is little doubt. The battle lines are being drawn right now; the strategy is being finalized by China, CELAC, the BRICS and the SCO. This is epic stuff that is poised to unfold over the next year or so.

Caveat: if the USSA resorts to nukes, for instance, in a preemptive strike against Russia and/or China, the Russians and Chinese will certainly strike back and hard, with nuclear fire. Both countries are nuclear powers, with missiles that can strike the USSA mainland. If their national integrity and security are directly threatened, they will act decisively. On that day, the USSA would cease to exist and many of you who are reading these words would surely perish.

The upcoming time is just that serious. The USSA should never have led the world down the nuclear garden path, but it has, and so we have arrived at a point where terrible things may possibly occur.

Those who refused to concern themselves with nuclear policy in past years and decades, because they had more “important” or “fun” things to do, may find that the very thing they did their best to avoid will come looking for them personally, and if it does, it will be viciously merciless and pitiless.

Studied indifference has its price. Those who call the tune, will surely pay the piper.


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