Ralph Winterrowd

Ralph Winterrowd

Ralph WinterrowdRalph Winterrowd was raised on a farm in South-eastern Kansas. He belonged to the IBEW Union (Denver and Alaska), Utility Workers of America Union (Wyoming) and Teamsters Union (Alaska) with classifications as a substation electrician, power plant electrician and communications tech. Winterrowd has worked on the Alaska Pipeline as a lead communication tech from Prudhoe Bay to the Valdez Terminal.

He started a telephone interconnect in 1985, and became the largest privately held company in this field in Alaska, grossing over 2 million per year and growing. After having over 7 million added to a sealed bid of a competitor, he took this to the Supreme Court of Alaska, and the justices of that court refused to acknowledge the unlawful action. He began researching to learn, “What are the real problems in our Constitutional Republic?”

Ralph ran for governor of Alaska, talked to many legislative members, and filed cases in the Alaska and Federal courts. He finally determined the tyranny was entrenched in all parts of the government, from top to bottom. To a degree that would shock the conscience.

He worked on IRS issues with Dan Meador, now deceased; and the absence of the constitution Republic, the absence of the citizens of the several States, traffic issues, driver license issues and rise of the Administrative State.

Ralph currently researches IRS, criminal law, child custody and the demise of the Constitutional Republic. This research has cost him his company (2001) and his marriage (wife and him are still great friends, but the stress was to much).

Only the truth will save our Republic. It hangs by a thread today. Unfortunately most people are compliant and complacent.

Website: http://alaskaminuteman.com/
Broadcast: http://republicbroadcasting.org/the-ralph-winterrowd-show-with-ralph-winterrowd/

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