Jim Willie

Jim Willie

Jim Willie Jim Willie comes from US industry with three main fields of statistics covered. He earned a PhD in Statistics at Carnegie Mellon Univ in 1980. The three fields are Quality Control in manufacturing, Marketing Research in computer technology, and Sales Forecasting in retail.

Since 2004, the Golden Jackass has been running the Hat Trick Letter, a newsletter that focuses on gold, currencies, central banks, and the economies. His numerous correct forecasts on important developments toward the global breakdown have gained international attention, if not notoriety.

The current major forecasts include the rejection of the U.S. Dollar as global reserve, the installation of the Eurasian Trade Zone, the flipping east by Germany, Turkey, Saudi, and Japan, and the return of the Gold Standard. The return will come through the trade window, not the currency window. The acceleration of systemic breakdown events has come in earnest during the early months of 2015, exactly as forecast. While the degraded and compromised economist profession has presided over ruin, the Jackass carries a near 90% correct forecast rate, since systemic failure, criminal activity, and sustained pressures to maintain the broken system are integrated in the work. The Jackass prefers to say, “My work is unencumbered by the limitations of economics credentials.”

Website: http://www.goldenjackass.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/goldenjackass

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