Jim Willie: The World Now Recognizes the U.S., Not Iran, as a Rogue Nation

Jim Willie: The World Now Recognizes the U.S., Not Iran, as a Rogue Nation

By Kenneth Schortgen Jr

Jim Willie: The World Now Recognizes the U.S., Not Iran, as a Rogue Nation

On Jan. 13, Dr. Jim Willie was a guest on the Reluctant Preppers podcast to talk about the state of the dollar, oil, and the overall economy. During his 30 minute segment in part one of his interview, Dr. Willie laid out the reasoning behind the world’s current move away from the U.S. and the dollar, and that from a broken treaty agreement made by multiple nations in early 2014, the America is now being recognized as a rogue nation, far more than the rhetoric used to label Iran as such over the past decade.

As a well respected statistician and forecaster of economic and geo-political events, Dr. Willie has a long track record of correct predictions and forecasts revealed through his monthly periodical, The Hattrick Newsletter.

Jim Willie: There is going to be a loud cry, even among the Western nations to join the BRICS movement and towards the return of the gold standard. This is what I believe is going to start and gain alot of momentum this calendar year.

I want to tell you Elijah, I came to learn a little while ago that in the end of 2013, and into January of 2014, there was a global currency reset… kind of a treaty, a financial accord pact. It was signed by 117 nations including the United States. It was to re-jigger the currencies among themselves, and very importantly, to double the gold price and triple the silver price. That is what the global currency reset was all about. Changing the gold price relative to all the other fiat currencies.

It was called the Gold Standard Re-installation Pact. What it implied was that gold is a currency.

But instead of following through in January of 2014 with this currency reset as an international treaty, the U.S. once again violated a treaty and triggered the Ukraine war.

The U.S. is now seen widely across the world as a rogue nation. The rogue nation is not Iran. It’s being recognized increasingly even among Western European nations. – Dr. Jim Willie, Reluctant Preppers, Jan. 13

Belief that the U.S. has become a rogue or aggressor nation has only escalated over the past two years in several incidents that have caused extreme turmoil to both the economic and geo-political stability of multiple nations. Besides their involvement in the overthrow of the duly elected government in Ukraine, and the subsequent sanctions put on Russia that have caused economic pain to nations within the Eurozone as well as Russia’s currency, the U.S. has also been linked to punishments centered on France, which include fines imposed on BNP Paribas, the daylight carjacking of a Saudi Prince in downtown Paris, and the death of the CEO of France’s largest oil companies in a freak accident outside Moscow.

The world is demanding an end to the dollar based reserve currency system and the creation of a new and more stable platform based on direct bi-lateral trade and using gold as the primary reserve. And as the U.S. continues to dig in and refuse to work with other global economies in facilitating a solution to the current debt based global financial system, the more nations will isolate America and move towards the East where replacement infrastructures are already online to end dollar hegemony and accomplish the currency reset nation’s wanted nearly two years ago.

Video: Fractures in Economy, Dollar Collapse, & Gold Standard | Jim Willie’s 2015 Forecasts

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