Show Info 5-15-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

Show Info 5-15-2015 – News, Guest Andrew Gause

May 15

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Guest Andrew GauseIn the second hour, JD is joined by monetary historian and numismatic expert, Andrew Gause, for a discussion about current economic events including the continuation of the war on cash, insight on what China's pending gold disclosure and the likelihood of an economic collapse or GCR and what we might do to prepare for the inevitable. You will receive $40.00 in numismatic investment booklets free from Andrew by calling 800-468-2646, and mentioning Red Pill Reports. Since 1981, Mr. Gause has been apprising Americans about the pitfalls of our electronic banking transactions, and the intrusion of “Big Brother” as we move into a “cashless society”. Andrew Gause has been studying and lecturing on the problems and solutions connected to our monetary system for more than two decades. He tackles the challenging questions about America's REAL economic future, and provides behind the scenes insight as to how the politicians and bankers in DC plan to secretly deal with the debt crisis - and how their plan will be catastrophic for every American taxpayer. The World of Money Newsletter, published quarterly, is in its 25th year. The Secret World of Money, written by Andrew Gause in a comprehensive Q & A format, challenges a wide range of topics dealing with the history and future of money. Uncle Sam Cooks the Books, Mr. Gause's latest release, will inform you about Words of Art and the Secret Recipes of Government Spending. Some topics covered and revealed, include Trust Funds, Social Spending, Budget Busters, the FDIC and more. The key to protecting your wealth is to be prepared. Mr.Gause will expand your knowledge through his vast research. For more information about Andrew Gause, please visit his websites. The Secret World of MoneyFull Bio: Website: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Book: The Secret World of Money    
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Five Iranian boats fire shots in the Persian Gulf Saudi Arabia Promises to Match Iran in Nuclear Capability 6 ARRESTED OVER SUSPECTED IRA PLOT TO KILL PRINCE CHARLES 'Hundreds' Who Travelled To Syria Back In UK British fighter jets escort Russian bombers away EU referendum should take place ‘as soon as necessary’ – Bank of England chief 136 NATIONS RECOGNIZE A PALESTINIAN STATE – ONLY OBAMA STANDS IN THE WAY OF FULL GLOBAL RECOGNITION No Victor in Sight as Coup Unfolds in Burundi

US News

Freight train derails in Hazelwood; no injuries as 11 to 13 cars topple DEATH TOLL IN AMTRAK WRECK HITS 8; ALL ABOARD ACCOUNTED FOR Lawyer: Amtrak Engineer Has ‘No Recollection’ Of Crash Fifth suspect arrested in fatal shooting of Mississippi officers Wis. Assembly passes bills requiring drug test for public assistance USA Freedom Act Passes Congress, Rep. Amash says It Will NOT End Bulk Data Collection Hearing Scheduled For APD Officers Accused Of Murdering Homeless Camper James Boyd American Wannabe ISIS Fighter Donald Morgan Gets 20 Years in Prison DHS Fails To Keep Track Of Number Of Illegals Allowed To Stay In U.S. Oklahoma man pleads guilty in deadly 'atomic wedgie' case Man leads police on 80-mile chase from Fort Worth to Dallas and back

Economic News

Global Debt Now $200 Trillion! Why Are Exchange-Traded Funds Preparing For A ‘Liquidity Crisis’ And A ‘Market Meltdown’? Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Royal Bank of Scotland and UBS expected to plead guilty Following City, Chicago Public Schools Credit Rating Junked Consumer Comfort Tumbles For Longest Streak In 18 Months Facebook raises minimum pay for contractors to $15 per hour American’s Want To Replace Andrew Jackson With Harriet Tubman On $20 Bill

Science & Tech News

Chinese search big Baidu unveils what it calls the world's smartest artificial intelligence New Horizons Mission Spies Pluto's Entire Moon Family Found: giant spirals in space that could explain our existence GE engineers 3D print mini jet engine, then power it to 33,000 RPMs Hackers are draining bank accounts via the Starbucks app The US government wants to speed up deployment of vehicle-to-vehicle communication Solar-powered ATMs to deliver clean drinking water in Pakistan

Health News

Monsanto knew 35 years ago that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer Canada, Australia, and Japan Issue Warning over GMO Contamination Scientists find way to deliver drugs straight into people’s brains A lung cancer vaccine made in Cuba will begin clinical trials in the US Veterans Affairs improperly spent $6 billion annually, senior official says USDA develops first government label for GMO-free products The #1 Best Way to Cleanse the Lymphatic System Autism symptoms dramatically improved after treatment with Vitamin D 7 easy ways to reduce the pain you're feeling

Energy & Environment

California Farmers Turning to Fracking Wastewater for Irrigation DRILLING BEGINS 3 MILES FROM EPICENTER OF BP OIL SPILL Honeybees dying, situation ‘unheard of’

Home, Farm & Garden

Foraging for Wild Dandelion Greens Weather, Climate Change and Where to Go To Escape Caretaking in Paradise

Housing News

Chase closes massive $45B Fannie Mae MSR deal from Ocwen Mortgage rates move higher for third week in a row New FHFA working paper reimagines housing crash

Weird, Funny & Good News

Raining spiders in Goulburn? Entirely possible, scientist says

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