Show Info 3-24-2015 – News, Guest Sharón Lynn Wyeth

Show Info 3-24-2015 – News, Guest Sharón Lynn Wyeth

March 24

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Sharón Lynn WyethIn the second hour JD is joined by Sharón Lynn Wyeth for a discussion about her development of the system of Neimology Science or the deciphering of names. Can your name predict how you think, feel or behave and what can we learn about others from nothing more than their names? This is a show you do not want to miss! As the creator of Neimology® Science, Sharón Lynn Wyeth has supported thousands of people around the world in understanding themselves and others better. In her seventh year of teaching math, having been a math major herself, she noticed that she was getting impressions of how a student would behave when she was making seating charts at the start of the year from the person’s name. Her curiosity led her to write down her impressions, as she wanted to get to know her students for who they were. After three months of teaching she read her initial impressions and was amazed at the accuracy. Generally Joshua's were brilliant and a bit obnoxious, Stephanie's were stubborn, and Rachel's pretty, etc. She followed her fifteen years of research conducted in forty-nine of the States with three years of field work in over seventy countries testing her theories. Everywhere she spoke people asked how to find out more information so she wrote the Amazon bestseller, "KNOW THE NAME, KNOW THE PERSON: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names". Full Bio: Website: Website: Twitter: Facebook: Facebook: Book: Know the Name; Know the Person: How a Name Can Predict Thoughts, Feelings and Actions  
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Welcome to Crazy Town Scotland Yard Investigated for ‘Protecting Pedophiles’ UK approves £5bn of arms exports to ‘countries of human rights concern’ Israel using bogus archaeological digs as cover to take Palestinian land, British government says McCain: Congress could defund UN if US backs Palestine bid ISIS “lost momentum” in Iraq and Syria, says CIA Director Rebranding Al-Qaeda’s Jabhat Al Nusra as ''Moderates'' Secret Nazi hideout discovered deep in Argentine jungle Spain austerity protest: ‘Things got worse than last year’ ‘24 hours to disarm’: Kiev on verge of violence as oil dispute between govt, oligarch escalates Ukraine threatens to stop importing Russian gas from April 1 Driving ban on half Paris motorists after air pollution briefly tops Shanghai Mystery over shock reports Yanukovych's son 'died at Lake Baikal'

US News

Authorization for Iraq mission stalls ISIS On The Streets Of Metro Detroit? Officials Say It Was A Planned Exercise Sen. Ted Cruz announces his presidential bid Obama, wowed by young scientists, announces new STEM pledges Marines could lead the charge against Boko Haram DATE SET FOR CHICAGO POLICE TORTURE REPARATIONS HEARING Florida no longer safe haven for war criminals as US prosecutors take action U.Va. bar: Black student denied entry not 'belligerent' It Turns Out Monsanto Actually DID Buy the BLACKWATER Mercenary Group California cliff collapse: 1 killed when rock gives way after warnings Officer assists woman at 10K end, goes viral

Economic News

Who Left the Crash Window Open? WALL STREET BANKS HIT BY OIL & GAS DEFAULTS, BANKRUPTCIES Greece fights German bailout demands with Nazi-era claims Apple soon to be worth more than $1tn, financial analysts predict Scientists claim gold in human excrement is worth millions Bullish Outside Week Supports Gold Outlook QUESTIONS SWIRL AROUND THE DEATH OF WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORTER, DAVID BIRD

Science & Tech News

Brands swoop in to buy .porn and .sucks before the trolls do THE SOUTH KOREAN CLONING EXPERT BRINGING MAMMOTHS BACK TO LIFE Bioelectricity vital to brain and tissue development, tadpole experiment shows JUST DISCOVERED IN AUSTRALIA: THE LARGEST ASTEROID IMPACT EVER LIGHT-UP FABRIC COULD MAKE GLOWING CLOTHING AN EVERYDAY REALITY Streets So Filled With Surveillance, No One Even Knows What All That Tech Junk Is… Smog-beater: First hydrogen powered tram developed in China

Health News

North Carolina SB346 Mandates Polio Vaccine Removing Religious Exemption Santa Barbara Woman To Remain Hospitalized, Monitored For Possible Ebola Case In LA Tylenol No Longer Deemed a Pain Reliever for Babies and Toddlers Contaminated Chinese produce spreads hepatitis A to nine Australians Lawsuit Alleges California Wineries are Selling Wine Tainted with Arsenic Study: Drinking Diet Soda Leads to Weight GAIN A power nap of just 45 minutes can boost the memory five-fold, according to new research Antibiotics In Food Are Making Children Allergic To Fruits & Vegetables Homemade calcium and magnesium eggshell recipe

Energy & Environment

Dead sea creatures “covering the sand with a sea of red” on California beach Europe's electricity grid sails through solar eclipse China Prioritizes Clean Energy For Public Transport

Home, Farm & Garden

Wood Foam May Be the Answer to Eco-Friendly Insulation A Greenhouse, Chicken Coop Combo Housing News Black Knight: Foreclosure inventory reaches lowest level since 2007 3D printing: A game changer for affordable housing Ocwen fires back at “disingenuous” charges of negligence

Weird, Funny & Good News

Czechs told not to throw tomatoes, eggs at US military convoy Mom, baby doing well after Pittsburgh officers make surprise delivery

Featured Video

Force Fields are here! Boeing patents Microwave Forcefield - STOPS EXPLOSIVE BLASTS!

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