Show Info 12-29-2014 – News, Guest Water Lily

Show Info 12-29-2014 - News, Guest Water Lily

12-29-2014 - News, Guest

Second Hour Guest

12-29-2014 - News, Guest Water LilyIn the second hour, JD is Joined by Water Lily who is a developer of and administrator for for a discussion about privacy and net security as well as the exposition of the oppression of people around the globe which she sites as her main motivation for becoming involved and fighting back against the global information censorship campaign. Administrator at Water Lily oversees a rapidly growing membership of people escaping the tyranny of Surveillance Media. It is with fondness and a little pride that she views them expressing their relief to be in a place where they are able to just talk with each other without the Big Brother presence on other sites. She began noticing recently that around the world, the tightening of internet regulations and increased surveillance has grown to resemble China's repressive surveillance apparatus. As she became more involved in the study of privacy and communications surveillance, she became acquainted with Chris Kitze, Unseen's owner. Together they plotted the creation of Seen, a less secure, yet private place for people to go without being spied upon, and without their personal information treated as a commodity to be sold to marketers. Working as a military history researcher, she did work on Vietnam records, World War II prisoners of war and casualty records, and other related investigations. While involved in World War II research, she found the true story of General Stillwell's infatuation with a Communist spy told in his journals, scoured National Archives records for clues about the fate of Yamashita's gold at the end of World War II and read the official accounts of escaped prisoners of war. Maintaining an online presence brought her in contact with customers around the world, in the military, intelligence and political world. She is somewhat proud that she always made the government pay up front, because it was so difficult to collect any money they owed. At the end of 1999 that she came across a story in an online newspaper about a group of spiritual students who were under severe persecution in China, and that opened the door to a new area of investigation, human rights in China. Pursuing the brutality and economic exploitation of prisoners of conscience in the notorious labor camps, she's been engaged in exposing the virtual slavery of Falun Gong, Christians and other groups who manufacture goods for export since 2000. As a writer, her articles have appeared in newspapers, on websites, and in brochures. As a presenter, her presentation on the toxic products from labor camps has appeared on public television. Website:, In the second hour Listen to the 12-29-2014 Broadcast Truth Frequency Radio. Call in to listen 832-225-5308 or click the "Listen Live" banner in the right side bar.
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First Hour News with JD for December 29, 2014

World News

Egypt receives 10 Apache helicopters from U.S.: sources Israel to build 600 new settlements in the West bank Russia: new military doctrine lists NATO and US as major foreign threats Airstrikes against Islamic State Top $1 Billion, Kill over 1,100 People ‘Here are the murderers’: Mexico protesters storm & graffiti military base French Alps hit by massive snowfall, thousands of cars stranded (PHOTOS) INDONESIA VERIFIES REPORTS ON AIRASIA PLANE’S EMERGENCY LANDING Malaysia-Based AirAsia Flight to Singapore Goes Missing VIDEO: BOXING DAY BRAWL BREAKS OUT IN GEORGIAN PARLIAMENT US Armed Rebels Gave TOW missiles to Al Qaeda US Virgin Islands Decriminalizes Cannabis Possession Russians angry over sanctions, wipe feet on US flag doormats North Korea Insults Obama, Blames U.S. For Internet Outages

US News

GUN CONTROL GROUPS CHEER AS UN ARMS TRADE TREATY TAKES EFFECT California anti-gun senator charged with corruption and trafficking firearms Lawsuit Seeks $1 Trillion For Fraud and Terrorism in Sensationalized Coverage of “Staged FEMA Exercise” Supreme Court Rules Police Can Violate The 4th Amendment (If They Are Ignorant Of The Law) Chicago gave hundreds of high-risk kids a summer job. Violent crime arrests plummeted. 7 MEN ARRESTED IN NEW YORK FOR THREATENING TO KILL POLICE COPS THREATEN A BLUE COUP IN NEW YORK CITY Anchorage, AK Municipal Assembly Rejects City-Wide Ban on Pot Sales, Cultivation Missouri Residents Vote to Ban Speed Cameras Chicago Ridge Mall to re-open on time after fights force early close

Economic News

Russia’s Gazprom Neft selling over 50% of foreign currency revenue — media CBR launches SWIFT alternative for domestic payments China Steps In as World’s New Bank The Keynesian End Game Crystalizes In Japan’s Monetary Madness Moscow to supply coal, electricity to Ukraine without prepayment Former US Treasury official warns about Russian economic crisis causing global financial collapse Puru Saxena: Consumer Staple Equities Will Outperform Precious Metals Coca-Cola Facing Major Financial Challenges As Sales Steadily Decline

Science & Technology

The World’s Largest Clairvoyance Experiment Has Begun Sony about to get sued for pirating music in The Interview Revealed: Hacker Who Took Down Sony Playstation and Xbox Shows His Face: “This attack was basically done by three people” Hackers release cache of 13,000 passwords and credit cards of PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon users Mars Has 'Macroweather,' Just Like Earth Canadian scientists develop trap to lure blood-sucking bed bugs U.S. Cybersecurity Expert Calls Sony Hack an Inside Job Engineers develop self-charging turtle surveillance robot

Health News

Scientists discover just IMAGINING exercising can make you stronger, tone your muscles & delay or stop muscle atrophy New Tick-Borne 'Bourbon Virus' Is Deadly And Unlike Anything Previously Seen In U.S. How To Begin Rebuilding Your Life And Make It Ridiculously Amazing BREAKING: Monsanto/Bayer's GM Plants Contaminate Europe Despite Ban Pharmaceutical employees arrested after causing 64 deaths with drug tainted with fungal meningitis Four surprising uses for hydrogen peroxide How Natural Health Will Change the World in 2015

Energy & Environment

UK Government plans to phase out all our gas-fired cookers and heating systems Fukushima rocked by strongest quakes to hit country this month; Epicenter just offshore from reactors; Nuke plant cam shows shaking for over a minute Revealed: The Arctic Ocean is releasing large volumes of methane Almost 7,000 UK homes will be lost to rising seas

Home, Farm & Garden

Underground Homes: How to Get Started, Part 1 Garden Planning for Spring 2015: Index Your Plant Choices This tree produces 40 different types of fruit Want to cultivate a vegetable garden? Here are some tips to get started!

Housing News

Wells Fargo sued over subprime securities This Des Moines court case may change the Freddie, Fannie investor sweep China Gives Up On Housing Bubble What's in store for housing in 2015?

Weird, Funny & Good News

Man Creates An Organic Gardening And Theater Program For Juvenile Inmates Two Guys Adopted The Wrong Pig. This Is Why She Was The Best Mistake They Ever Made Homeless Man Spends $100 Donation on Feeding Other Homeless Harvard Business School professor goes ballistic with legal threats over $4 worth of Chinese takeout food Cop Threatens Charges If Man ‘Posts Video On YouTube,’ Man Posts Video On YouTube WOMAN LAUNCHES RAW MEAT ASSAULT ON POLICE STATION, CLAIMS GOD TOLD HER TO “FEED THE PIGS”

Featured Video

The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword – James Corbett at TEDxGroningen

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