Meet The Five Year-Old Girl Raising Money To Help The Homeless

Meet The Five Year-Old Girl Raising Money To Help The Homeless

By Sophie McAdam | True Activist

Five Year-Old Girl Raising Money To Help The Homeless

Mya wanted some chocolate. When her mom told her that other people have no food at all, this amazing kid started a campaign

When a little girl in England pestered her mother for chocolate, she was told that some people have nothing to eat this Christmas. Some kids would react by screaming and shouting, but Mya Woolley, 5, did something very different. She drew a picture of her favorite toy, a lobster called Molly, and asked her parents to auction it on Facebook. The idea was to raise just £21.62 ($34), which is the cost of one Christmas Day meal provided by Crisis, a UK homeless charity.

When the money began to pour in, Mya said she wanted to help even more people- so a crowdfunding site was set up, and she has so far raised over £1460 ($2278) and can feed far more mouths than she ever expected. Now, at least 69 people will have a hot meal, shower and place to sleep on Christmas Day.

Her mom Dominique, 37, told a local newspaper: “She has done really well. The donations have really shot up. All she really wanted was the £21 so she could get one person a meal. We got bigger and bigger donations and bids and we were just quite gobsmacked really. Obviously having a cute little face has helped her! When we told her how many meals that was she was so chuffed with herself.”

She added how proud she was of Mya’s big heart. So she should be! What an inspiration to us all. You can find out more or visit Mya’s Just Giving page here.


Another Child with a Big Heart

Video: 9-Year-Old Raises Money to Help the Homeless

LITTLE ROCK, AR– As Americans look for ways to give many are turning to crowdfunding to raise money causes. One Central Arkansas girl is banking on a gofundme site to help the homeless through the winter.

This holiday season Jessica Teer Smith is hoping to give the gift of warmth to the homeless.

“It just makes me really sad, sometimes it makes a little bit of me die inside,” she says.

Disturbed at the sight of her homeless neighbors on the streets, the 9-year-old kicked off an online campaign raising money for small items such as socks, feet and hand warmers.

“I know they’re going to be really cold this winter and I don’t really like that feeling but that’s probably going to happen,” she says.

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