Show Info 11-26-2014 – JD’s News, Guests Sheree & Chris Geo

Show Info 11-26-2014 – JD’s News, Guests Sheree & Chris Geo

11-26-2014 - JD's News, Guests Sheree & Chris Geo

Second Hour Guest

In the second hour, JD is joined by Chris & Sheree Geo who are veteran broadcasters syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network and the program directors of Truth Frequency Radio. Both born and raised in Texas, Chris & Sheree founded Truth Frequency as a weekly radio show which has since grown into a full time network featuring an incredible team of first class hosts.

Sheree & Chris GeoChris & Sheree are a wealth of information and their combined knowledge of geo-politics, eugenics, economics, alternative history, the occult, and ancient texts and artifacts really brings together the big picture.

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First Hour News with JD for November 26, 2014

World News

Britain says it is reviewing arms exports to Israel again

Ukraine to hold Nato vote when membership criteria are met

France suspends warships deal with Russia over Ukraine crisis

Nicaragua Is Going Ahead With a Massive Canal That Will Bisect the Country

Islamic State: Australian-initiated air strike kills up to 100 militant fighters in cave complex near Kirkuk

Recognizing Palestine wouldn’t promote peace, Dutch FM says

Afghan woman kills 25 Taliban rebels to avenge her son’s murder

Iran: ‘Americans Have Very Clearly Surrendered’

Nigeria’s Maiduguri city hit by ‘deadly blasts’

US News

Michael Brown shooting: What Darren Wilson told the Ferguson grand jury

Oregon ballot measure requiring labels for genetically engineered foods headed for recount–Oregon-Election-GMO-Labels/

Sobering daylight in Ferguson exposes a city in shambles

National Bar Association Calls for Federal Charges Against Darren Wilson

Nearly 120 protests over Ferguson decision planned

U.S. Infrastructure Problems Told in 10 Scary Numbers

Body found near Michael Brown shooting site

‘Stupidity’ consultant agrees to testify

Economic News

Some 40 states plan to create free trade zone with Eurasian Economic Union — lawmaker

54 Bizarre Ways You Can Track The Economy

Can underwear give us economic clues?

German Bank Chief Weidmann Calls for Economic Changes

Prediction: Economic Collapse, Civil Unrest in America by 2016

Hacked US Documents Said To Reveal Extent Of Undisclosed US “Lethal Aid” For Ukraine Army

Apple breaks through the $700 billion mark

Canada sees ‘significant rise’ in inequality – and it’s getting worse

Science & Technology

The First 3-D Printer in Space Makes Its First Object: A Spare Part

Car plug-in tells you what’s wrong, where to get it fixed

Future Gold Rush: Is Asteroid Mining the New Frontier?

Google’s latest: A spoon that steadies tremors

There are now 3 billion internet users, mostly in rich countries


Israel-based firm claims to recharge your phone in 30 seconds

Sony just got hacked, doxxed, and shut down

Health News

Prenatal antibiotics linked to childhood obesity

Here are two ways your iPhone might be killing you softly

Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer

9 Sneaky Additives to Avoid at Your Thanksgiving Dinner

New Study: Hepatitis B Vaccination in France Sparked a Wave of New Cases of Multiple Sclerosis

Ebola outbreak: Sierra Leone workers dump bodies in Kenema

Energy & Environment

What’s so special about Yellowstone’s hot springs? Everything.

Snowstorm to Create Thanksgiving Travel Nightmare in East

Topaz, the Largest Solar Plant in the World, Is Now Fully Operational

Home, Farm & Garden

Don’t Worry: There’s Still Time To Make Your Thanksgiving A Success

The sweet side of growing beets

How to Build a Low-Cost DIY Yurt from Sticks, String and Mud

Housing News

What immigration reform means for housing

Weird, Funny & Good News

You Can Almost Finally Buy That Keyboard-Shaped Waffle Maker

Featured Video

RAW: Chaos descends on Ferguson streets following Michael Brown shooting verdict

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