Show Info 1-07-2015 – News, Guest Dale Brown

Show Info 1-07-2015 – News, Guest Dale Brown

January 7

News and Guests


Second Hour Guest

Guest Mike SparksIn the second hour JD is joined by Commander Dale Brown of Detroit’s Threat Management Center, to further explore the success Dale has had with his organization and the improvements in the living conditions in Detroit which have been the result. Dales focus on eliminating the causality of violence in the community is a refreshing deviation away from standard LEO practices and is potentially the blueprint to mending the current divide between civilians and LEOs.

Dale C. Brown is the founder of The Detroit Threat Management Center located in Detroit. Commander Brown created Eclectikan survival tactical training systems in 1993.This training system is comprised of tactical psychology, tactical law and tactical skills, to teach communities and corporations how to properly manage human threats and create non-violent outcomes.

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First Hour News with JD

World News

Syria accuses McCain and other senior officials of entering country illegally

Israel Prepares to Cut Electricity to Palestinians

N.Korea has ‘significant’ tech to build mini nuclear device: South

Afghanistan Set Record for Growing Opium in 2014


Over 220 injured in Rio de Janeiro train collision

10 tons of fireworks explode at warehouse in Colombia (VIDEO)

Suicide bomber attacks police station in central Istanbul

Tricks Western ‘News’ Media Use to Deceive about Ukraine’s War

NOT GOOD NEWS — US Special Forces Pushed Back By ISIS After Attempt To Rescue A Jordanian Pilot…

US News

Gun rights, open carry, activists plan to manufacture firearms on steps of State Capitol

Bill Clinton and the pedophile: The sex scandal that could destroy Hillary’s presidential ambitions

As Congress Returns, Boehner Beats Back Dissent to Reclaim House Speaker Post

GOP: ‘House Kicks Off New Congress’ With Jobs Bills

Big threat for Obama’s climate efforts from GOP-run Congress–politics.html

FBI says search warrants not needed to use “stingrays” in public places

Man killed by police in San Francisco leaves suicide note

City officials declare God ‘owner’ of their Alabama town

Updated Breaking: Active Shooter Reported At V.A. Hospital in El Paso

Ignorance is no excuse for wrongdoing, unless you’re a cop

Mitch McConnell Blames the Slow Recovery on Regulation Because He Doesn’t Understand How the Economy Works

1 Out Of 32 Americans Under Correctional Supervision, 6.7 Million In Prison, On Parole Or Probation

ALERT — Boehner Re-Elected House Speaker Despite 25 GOP Defections (see list)

EPIC — Glenn Beck Unloads on GOP Rep. for Voting for John Boehner in Fiery Radio Interview

ALERT — It’s Official. They are Coming for Our Guns

Economic News

December Jobs “Significantly Below 200,000”, Q4 GDP Tumbles To 2%, Markit Warns

US Factory Orders Drop Most YoY In 19 Months

Treasury Yield Plunge Approaches Flash Crash Pace

More than £30bn wiped off UK markets over Greece euro exit fears

Receive an Obamacare Subsidy? Surprise! You May Owe the IRS Money


High Noon on the Gulf Coast: Canada, Saudi oil set for showdown–finance.html

Rolls-Royce breaks sales record again in 2014

Ruble loses 5 percent as oil rout worsens

Oil Falls Below $50 As Global Financial Markets Begin To Unravel

Opec opens door to emergency meeting with oil downgrade

Morgan Stanley fires employee after client data ends up online

This Financial System Operates Absurdly

This is a paragraph about the financial crisis that everyone should read.

How the oil price plunge might mess with Texas

Science & Technology



Genius: A Bioplastic That Acts Like Soil And Breaks Down Within 2 Weeks

North Korea boosted ‘cyber forces’ to 6,000 troops, South says

Can a Smartphone Tell if You’re Depressed?

$5mn worth of bitcoin missing in major cryptocurrency exchange hack

New science helps a paralyzed man move his legs for the first time in years

Home of the future is almost here: Experts say that nine out of ten household appliances – from fridges to toothbrushes – will be controlled via wi-fi within TWO YEARS

Fabrication power to the People! Why no government can stop the 3D printing revolution

“Download this gun”: The world’s first 3D-printable AK-47 magazine. The Feinstein

Memory-holed Scientist Feared Resonant Frequency “Ray Gun” Would Fall into Wrong Hands

Mind control: the Pentagon mission to program the brain

Philae Comet Lander Failed in Sample-Drilling Attempt, Might Try Again

Health News

Why Working The Night Shift Has Major Health Consequences

UN health agency says no Ebola detected in Iraq, calls reports of cases ‘rumours’

Which diet is healthiest? Report ranks popular plans

3 Inexpensive Superfoods

10 Ways to Opt Out of the System

Concerning Study: High-Fructose Corn Syrup More Toxic than Sugar, Reduces Lifespan

Anti-GMO Petition Receives 59,742,753 Signatures

Could You Eat on $3.37 a Day?

Petco pulls Chinese treats

CDC: Flu Season Continues to Worsen, Could Peak This Month

The Government’s Drive to Force GMOs into Britain Against the Will of the People Continues

Pro-Vaccine Lobbyists Trying to Ban Dr. Sherri Tenpenny from Entering Australia

Energy & Environment

Scotland Takes Lead in Race for the World’s First Fossil-Fuel Free Electric Grid

Keystone Vote This Week

Bizarre fireball that splits in two could be a meteorite burning up in Earth’s atmosphere

Stunning skies of bright greens: Aurora borealis illuminates Russia’s north (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Fracking Earthquakes Confirmed in Ohio on “Previously Unknown Fault”

Home, Farm & Garden

Garden plants for luck

Is there a gazing globe in your garden’s future?

Someday Your Tractor Will Drive Itself…And Know What It’s Doing!

In cooler weather, some greens are at their best

How to recycle your Christmas tree

Surviving a Blizzard or Winter Storm Without Power

Housing News

As Denver densifies, housing becomes less affordable

Plunging oil could chip away at million-dollar housing market

$4.2B Fannie, Freddie MSR portfolio for sale

President to speak on Fannie, Freddie on Thursday

ome price softness in 2015: At least twice as many new condominium units are scheduled to hit the Manhattan market, Law firms in D.C. are shrinking, leaving behind vacancies in real estate market, affordability is stretched…

Arizona Realtor cleared to use drone to show homes

Weird, Funny & Good News

Tiny house in Texas gets robbed

Cyclist’s Bike Stolen At Police Station While Reporting iPhone Theft

Featured Video

Stunning video: Aurora Borealis lights up northwest Russia

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