Dr. Dennis Harris

Dr. Dennis Harris

Dr. Dennis HarrisDr. Harris graduated from Ohio State University Medical School in 1963 and completed his internship at Grant Hospital, a University affiliated hospital in Columbus, Ohio in 1964. He then entered a residency training program, specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University. Upon completion, he moved to Dallas, Texas in 1966 to become chief resident in a Physical Medicine residency training program at Parkland Hospital, Southwestern Medical School, University of Texas. He completed the last year of his residency training in 1967 and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona to begin private practice.

In 1968, Dr. Harris established the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital in Scottsdale, Arizona and was appointed Director of that department which he operated until 1984. Dr. Harris then established the Southwest Pain Control Program and directed that program through 1974. This program was the first chronic pain control program in the Southwest, the eighth program in the country, and the first program to be performed on only an outpatient basis. After the efficacy of the program was well established, the entire program was moved to Mesa Lutheran Hospital in 1974 at the hospital’s request. The hospital appointed Dr. Harris as Director of that program, and he maintained this position through 1983.

Dr. Harris subsequently maintained a practice devoted primarily to the non-surgical diagnosis and treatment of all conditions of pain. Due to the nature of that practice, many of Dr. Harris’s patients were medico-legal in nature, having been involved in automobile accidents or work-related accidents. This enabled Dr. Harris to testify in hundreds of depositions and make countless court appearances as an expert medical witness.

Professionally, Dr. Harris has been continually involved in lecturing and teaching, often lecturing groups of hundreds of physicians or physical therapists. He has presented several papers at national meetings and appeared before large medical audiences during that time.

While in residency at Ohio State University, Dr. Harris became the co-inventor of a gel pad to prevent bed sores, negotiated a licensing agreement with The Stryker Corporation, and subsequently traveled the country, presenting the product at hospital meetings and medical gatherings. During that time, he designed the national sales and marketing program for The Stryker Corporation with regard to that product, and he then trained the national and international sales staff of The Stryker Corporation prior to the introduction of the product.

In 1993, Dr. Harris created and began clinically testing a natural oral remedy to eliminate snoring. With more than 86% good to excellent test results, commercial sales of the product, initially named Snore No More, began in 1995. Sales were undertaken nationally and internationally via direct response radio only. To date, over $10,000,000 in sales has occurred with more than 60,000 regular users of the product. The product was renamed Dr. Harris’ Original Snore Formula™, and was marketed nationally through radio direct sales via live shows, 30 and 60 second commercials and 30 minute radio infomercials.

In 1994, after clarifying the link between snoring, allergies, sinusitis and asthmatic bronchitis, Dr. Harris created and began testing a natural formulation for relief for allergy and sinus symptoms. 83% good to excellent test results were obtained. This product, known as EZ Breathing, also became a commercial success.

Dr. Harris’ major passion in medicine has been the non-surgical diagnosis and treatment of pain. This propelled Dr. Harris into active research and development wherein, during the past twelve years, he has created an entire line of natural, safe, effective and unique products. His most recent efforts have been devoted to the formulation of products in three areas:

  • 1. Pain—in which he draws from his 40+ years of knowledge and experience.
    a. ETAforce Capsules
    b. ETAforce Gel
    c. Nerve Health
  • 2. Diabetes—a major problem so extensive that it has the potential to bankrupt national health care systems.
    a. GlucoNorm
    b. Nerve Health
    c. Diabetic Foot Care
    d. Livinity Relief Capsules
    e. Tru-Blue
  • 3. Weight Management—a condition so common that it affects 2/3 of Americans.
    a. SlimShakes
    b. SlimQuick Capsules
    c. GlucoLiv

To date, Dr. Harris has been granted three US patents—Snore Formula, EZ Breathing and GlucoNorm. The pain products are currently under patent pending status.

Presently, Dr. Harris continues an active research and development program designed to improve the existing products and create new products to effectively help and extend our lives.

From 2007 thru 2012, Dr. Harris served as the Medical Director of Livinity, a growing network marketing company. During that time, he introduced or improved 17 unique dietary supplements. Together with David Pitcock, the President of Livinity, he developed and popularized the concept of Going Blue. The cornerstone of this concept was the acceptance of individual responsibility for one’s own health through education and personal decision making.

Dr. Harris served as a Medical Consultant to Youngevity, a public company that is structured as a network marketing company. Youngevity sells over 400 products, including many that Dr. Harris developed.

Since April 1, 2013, Dr. Harris has been retained as the primary Medical Consultant to Plexus Worldwide, a rapidly growing network marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has made videos of each product for the Company, as well as acting as one of the major presenters at the annual conference held in June, 2013 in New Orleans, LA.

Dr. Harris has appeared on over 3,000 local and network radio shows and continues to be one of the most popular and sought-after radio guests. Over the past ten years, he has also appeared on over 75 local and network television shows throughout the country.

Website: http://www.drharrisoriginal.com/


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