Alfred Adask

Alfred Adask –

Alfred Adask worked construction (ditch digger, truck driver, heavy equipment operator, miner, etc.) before a divorce compelled him to become a student of the legal system. One thing led to another and he wound up publishing the AntiShyster News Magazine for 12 years, running for the Texas Supreme Court in A.D. 1992 (I received 201,000 votes), motivating and hosting this country’s biggest legal reform meetings (an average of 325 attendees, twice a month), and being identified by the Federal government as one of the top dozen anti-government activists during the 1990s. Alfred AdaskHe was a big fish in a small pond.

He has also been jailed for 344 days in a level 5 maximum security jail without ever being charged with a crime. And He’s been sued for $25,000 per day ($750,000 per month; over $9 million per year) by the Texas Attorney General–it took about two years to run them off.


In the final analysis, the entire problem with government is a spiritual war.  It took me decades to understand that fundamental truth.  My understanding is still imperfect and growing, but there’s no a doubt in my mind that we are engaged in Holy War against a government, against a system, that is, at bottom (or more properly, at the very top), ungodly and arguably Luceferian.  I am a watchman and a witness.  It is not merely my duty to expose this ungodly system, it is my privilege, my calling and my blessing.

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