Gold is Gone, Total Chaos Coming-Bill Holter

Gold is Gone, Total Chaos Coming-Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter | USA Watchdog

Financial writer Bill Holter says there is better than 60% to 70% chance that another financial calamity will hit in 2015, and it could start from anywhere in the world. Holter contends, “It doesn’t really matter where it starts. It will probably be global within less than 48 hours. The reality is it will go all the way around the world within two days because party “A” will not pay party “B” who doesn’t pay party “C” and on and on we will go. The payment chain will break. . . . I’d like to get back to the point of true and real settlement. If nations don’t settle honestly amongst each other, that is how your trade wars start. That’s how one neighbor believes another neighbor is ripping them off. This is how wars start, and that is what this is about: the rest of the world wanting to trade and wanting to do business mutually and evenly and getting paid for trade. In the past with the dollar, the U.S. has gone into many places; and after the deal was unfair, they paid with dollars, which is an un-backed freely printed currency. That’s what the world is upset about. That’s what this tipping of the balance is about.”

Holter goes on to point out, “Greece has got to be hidden. The fact that they are broke cannot come out. If Italy or Spain or anyone else were to default, that would be calling a spade a spade. Once the daisy chain breaks, it will lead all the way to the West, and it will lead to London and it will lead to New York. It will lead to the fact that the gold is gone. That’s the great fault. That is the fault at the core of all of this. That’s why they are kicking the can and kicking the can because it can never be discovered that the gold is gone. Once that is discovered, it’s over.”

So, what will it look like to the man on the street when the next crash happens, Holter predicts, “On the streets here in the U.S., you are probably looking at total chaos. . . . Once the banks go, especially in the cities, you are going to see complete chaos because the average person has about three days of food stocked up, or maybe five days of food stocked up. When the banks go down, distribution will stop. When distribution stops, the stores, and you just saw this in the northeast, the stores are wiped out in a day or two. They have just-in-time inventories.

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