Show Info 6-1-2015 – Stan Deyo Replay from 5-28

Show Info 6-1-2015 – Stan Deyo Replay from 5-28

June 01

News and Guests


JD has a medical issue that had to be addressed right away. The news below is current.

Second Hour Guest

Stan Deyo In the second hour, JD is joined by author and researcher, Stan Deyo, for a discussion about things on the scientific fringe, such as planetary alignments and their effect on the Earth, strange noises emanating from the sky and what might really be going on at Cern. Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive "black project", headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of "flying saucer technology". Stan's main love is still advanced propulsion and "free" energy research which took him to Australia in '71 to work on these systems as part of a global project under the direction of such men as Dr. Edward Teller and Dr Andrei Sakharov. In 1996 Stan and Holly visited the restricted access FNMOC at the US Navy base in Monterey to share Stan's method of earthquake prediction (based on sea surface temperature fluctuations - something Stan formulated from the Navy's own data but they had not seen this use for it until he showed them.) For 10 years he made earthquake forecasts using their data with an accuracy of about 70% and a lead time of 1-7 days. Sadly, in 2006 the Naval data stream was classified; so Stan had to abandon this project. However, in 2012 he was able to develop another data source which enabled him to once again start providing daily earthquake forecasts. This time his accuracy ranges from 80% to 90%. Full Bio: Show Images: Website:    
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Italy Rescues More Than 4,000 Migrants Russian military jets and US destroyer clash in Black Sea 'posing danger to stability' RUSSIA'S PUTIN SHUT OUT FROM G-7 MEETING, BUT NOT MUCH ELSE RUSSIA PUTS 89 WESTERN LEADERS ON SECRET BAN LIST IMPASSE OVER CHINA'S ISLAND-BUILDING SHOWS NO SIGN OF EASING Isis could obtain nuclear weapon from Pakistan, warns India Costa Rica Becomes The FIRST Nation To Ban Hunting! Police in India nab a pigeon, suspect fowl play from Pakistan

US News

Beau Biden, son of vice president, dies of brain cancer Obama signs disaster declaration over Texas storms – death toll 24 Conservative Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty As Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto John Kerry breaks leg in French Alps bike crash and is flown to hospital after meetings with Iran officials over nuclear deal Hundreds gather in Arizona for armed anti-Muslim protest Bill would require gun owners to have liability insurance or pay $10,000 fine “IT IS PROBABLY ONE OF THE LARGEST UNDERTAKING WE’VE HAD AS FAR AS AN EXERCISE FOR THE MICHIGAN ARMY NATIONAL GUARD IN A LONG TIME” Reuters: M8.5 quake strikes off Japan’s east coast — Experts: “Unusually sharp movement” by plate of Earth’s crust Japan volcano violently erupts without warning — Gov’t issues highest level alert for first time USGS retracts three 'ghost' earthquakes, blames Northern California sensors Magnitude 3.6 Quake Rattles Southern California Desert Near Coachella

Economic News

Silk Road Extends to Minsk as China and Russia Agree EEU Cooperation Final Call: 3 Options For Greece Russian Pivot: Greece Will "Probably" Join BRICS Bank, Official Says Yet Another Banker Commits Suicide You can’t rent a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in America on a minimum-wage job Bitcoin is dying, and here is why!

Science & Tech News

NASA spacecraft takes new photos of Pluto Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison That Massive Ocean Cleaning System Is Planned to Be Launched in 2016 Elon Musk’s Hyperloop ‘might be free to passengers’ Dinosaurs were warm-blooded, new study finds New research challenges aging consensus by reversing mitochondrial anomalies in 97-year-old cells Archaeologists find 2,400 year old gold bongs used for cannabis and opium Risky brain, safe brain: MIT charts neural pathways involved in decision-making Memories emerge intact from cryogenic resurrection machine

Health News

Hong Kong Quarantines 18 Over MERS Fears Pentagon chief to hold people accountable for anthrax Experts see big price hikes for Obamacare Victory Against Monsanto – Federal Judge Rules in Favor of GMO Ban "Non-GMO" Cheerios Oats Still Sprayed With Roundup, Supplier Announces 10 Tips on How to Increase Energy Levels Naturally Diabetic Neuropathy CAN Be Treated! 6 Natural Solutions 7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams

Energy & Environment

Surge in whale deaths along West Coast — Experts: “So many in such a small area is setting off alarms

Home, Farm & Garden

Common And Powerful Healing Plants You Can Find In Your Back Garden Is Farming Even Farming Anymore: The Changing Landscape of Farming and Farmers

Housing News

This MBA chart shows the real impact of the recession on homeownership CFPB secures $27.7 million judgment against foreclosure relief scammers Judge tosses Ocwen home inspection lawsuit

Weird, Funny & Good News

Mystery Woman Dumps Rare, Collectable Apple Computer Worth $200K At Recycling Center Get an Espresso and an Exorcism at Bangkok's Premiere Witchcraft Cafe

Featured Video

Survival of Spaceship Earth: The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

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