Show Info 1-13-2015 – Guests Susan Lindauer, Scott Benett & Greg Morse

Show Info 1-13-2015 - Guests Susan Lindauer, Scott Benett & Greg Morse

January 13

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Second Hour Guests

In the second hour, JD is joined by Greg Morse, Scott Bennett and Susan Lindauer in a round table discussion of whistle blowing elites with enough information between them to bring down UBS and expose most of the Congress and House. We are blowing the lid off of this "Mortgage Crisis/Derivative Leveraging/Largest Tax Evasion in History/Terrorist Funding" business. Susan LindauerSusan Lindauer Former Congressional staffer Susan Lindauer covered Iraq and Libya at the United Nations, as a U.S. Intelligence Asset and back door channel on anti-terrorism from 1993 to 2003. Most notoriously, in the summer of 2001, her team warned about a major terrorist attack involving airplane hijackings and a strike on the World Trade Center. Lindauer also campaigned heavily against the War in Iraq, and developed a comprehensive peace framework through her back-channel in the run up to War. Full Bio: Website: Book: EXTREME PREJUDICE: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq Scott BennettScott Bennett He has written extensively on the intelligence community’s surveillance activities addressed by Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency-Central Intelligence Agency materials; and since 2010 has filed numerous military-government whistle-blowing reports with Congressional Committees, including: the Intelligence, the Armed Services, the Government Oversight and Reform, the Homeland Security, the Judiciary, the Foreign Affairs, the Banking, and the Terrorism Committees. He has communicated with over a hundred Federal Representatives, Senators, senior military officers and Pentagon officials, and journalists about the scandalous abuses of power and deception being employed against the American people by its own military-intelligence community; and filed legal action against Booz Allen Hamilton and the Department of Defense for their involvement in secret Swiss Bank Terrorist Finance Operations, which he uncovered with the help of Union Bank of Switzerland whistleblower, Brad Birkenfeld. Full Bio: Resume:!resume/c15a1 Book: Greg MorseGreg Morse Greg was one of a very small group that uncovered the Savings & Loan Crisis in 1985. Then he discovered over 1,000 acts of fraud & statute violations in his home mortgage, so he filed a Federal Civil RICO Lawsuit for Mortgage Fraud as Pro Se Plaintiff. It was not a foreclosure defense case, because he was never late and never missed a payment. Greg is asking for all Americans to join him in calling for for open and public Federal Joint Congressional Investigation Hearings and testimony regarding "The Mortgage Crisis" and funding of terrorist activities with funds generated by The Mortgage Crisis and funneled to terrorist groups by those private and governmental entities and individuals involved in perpetrating the mortgage crisis. Full Bio: Greg Morse Website: Petition Calling For Open And Public Federal Joint Congressional Investigation Hearings And Testimony Regarding The Mortgage Crisis Petitioner’s Letter
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First Hour News with JD

World News

Egypt's al-Sisi, Other Muslims Speak Out Against Islamic Terrorism Hollande did not want Netanyahu to join Paris rally Unidentified Planes Supplying ISIS with Arms from Saudi Arabia FIREBOMBS HURLED AT HOME OF HONG KONG MEDIA TYCOON JIMMY LAI AND NEXT MEDIA HQ IN ‘ATTACK ON PRESS FREEDOM’ France in full-on martial law, 10,000 troops mobilizing for deployment into streets in wake of shootings French President: “The Illuminati Are Behind The Paris Attacks” U.S.: Cuba frees all 53 political prisoners Not again! Japanese McDonald’s sells cheeseburger with ‘metal chips’ NATO defense missiles arrive in Turkey Interpol puts Ukraine's ousted president Yanukovich on wanted list Vindicated: Paris Events Meet the False Flag Checklist Parliament completes 2nd reading of 2015 budget law draft Investigation into MH17 crash claims Russians shot down the flight Suicide Bombers Strike in Nigeria, but It’s How Old They Were That’s the Most Disturbing Tomb of an Unknown Ancient Queen Discovered in Egypt

US News

New York City to Ban Styrofoam in July 2015 Albuquerque Cop Shoots Undercover Officer Over $60 Meth Deal Supreme Court rejects new challenge to Obamacare law NSA Chief Pushes Bill Granting New Powers Abu Hamza Sentenced To Life In U.S. Prison Police officers charged with murder in shooting Obama DOJ to Target “Root Causes of Violent Extremism” Two Albuquerque Officers Charged With Murder Of Homeless Camper Slowdown Sanctions: NYPD Orders Cops to Meet Arrest, Summons Quotas Or Lose Vacation Time, Sick Leave Libertarian Party Calls for Release of Ross Ulbricht, Says Gov't the Real Perps in Silk Road Case ISIS Just So Happens to Hack CENTCOM While Obama Is Announcing New Cyber Security Legislation? Man arrested after refusing to give camera to police at crash scene New document reveals FBI’s role in NSA surveillance program

Economic News

The Confessions Begin: Goldman, BofA Warn Crude Crash Will Have Negative Impact On GDP, Earnings The Scariest Chart For America's Shale Industry Technical Trading: Gold Bulls Target Test Of $1,239 Level, Greece Jitters Support Is there a bank run happening in Greece? SAUDI PRINCE WARNS "WE WILL NOT SEE $100 OIL AGAIN", CALLS ANTI-RUSSIA CONSPIRACY "BALONEY" THE COLLAPSE OF JC PENNEY CONTINUES, 40 STORES TO CLOSE IN 2015 The Crashing Price Of Oil Is Going To Rip The Global Economy To Shreds Colorado raked in $60 million in marijuana taxes and licensing fees in the past year, plus saved most if not all of the $145 million the Harvard report estimated it spent each year fighting marijuana The 'Golden Age Of The Central Banker' Has Reached "The Cult Phase"

Science & Technology

NASA ROBOT WILL EXPLORE DEEP INSIDE VOLCANOES First man-made biological leaf might actually be useless U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers Cargo Bikes Breaking Thru Everywhere, Even Department Stores In The UK Biggest indoor farm is 100 times more productive than conventional agriculture VIDEOS: SPIDER-SNAKE ROBOT VERSUS JETSNAKE NIGHTMARE-PROBE ROBOT Drone Detection Systems Provide Peace of Mind Breaking: Jihadist Group Hacks U.S. Central Command and Is Uploading Pentagon War Game Scenarios and Personal Details of Military Members

Health News

Parents Do Have a Vaccine Alternative A DIRE WARNING: The Cancer Industry Owns The Media And Your Mind How To Interact With The Introverted. If Only People Would Understand This… These Common Kitchen Items are More Toxic than You Think Watch How this Incredible Public Food Park Feeds 200,000 a Month You Won’t Believe How Much Pesticide You’re Eating Every Day Bill Gates Wants World’s Poor To Drink Human Faeces, And Everyone Thinks That’s OK Universal Flu Vaccine Soon a Reality, Scientists Say Dr. Richard Sacra, cured of Ebola, now has no fears for return trip to Liberia

Energy & Environment

SCIENTISTS RECORD 5 SMALL EARTHQUAKES IN CONNECTICUT Engineer: Outright failures continue to plague Fukushima plant Government Whistle-Blower: “Something Is Wrong With Earth’s Core” Scientist terrified of geoengineering technology being developed under guise of halting global warming Top Climate Scientist Warns Against Injecting Stratospheric Particles Into The Atmosphere

Home, Farm & Garden

Great Places for Tomato Lovers to Discover New Tomato Varieties Listing Of Most-Nutritious Vegetables And Fruits Worms Eat my Poop: Building a Vermiculture Compost Toilet Watch How this Incredible Public Food Park Feeds 200,000 a Month

Housing News

4 reasons lowering FHA premiums is a bad idea Appraisers worry new Fannie Mae program could bust deals Here’s how falling oil prices could hit the mortgage industry

Weird, Funny & Good News

Woman Training For Triathlon Swims Out And Saves Couple From Drowning In Cancun Elementary School Teacher Wins $150,000 And Donates It All To Her School 9-Year-Old Slapped With Warrant Over Stolen Gum; Even Police Chief Can't Believe It Church Discovered Something That Was Hidden Inside Its Main Altar for Decades While Recently Preparing for Renovation Student Noticed Something Odd About Her Yearbook Photo When She Got It Back Teaching Children How to Think Instead of What to Think

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